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Respected Medicos,

Today, I will be updating you with a list of all Schedule ‘H’ medicines. Schedule ‘H’ medicines cannot be sold by chemist without prescription of Registered Medical Practitioner.  After viewing the list, one can realize that how often our neighboring chemist is breaking the rules and authority has been maintaining silence about that. 

As one can see that even Chlorpheniramine Maleate is included in schedule ‘H’ drug list, so it is very much legal to assume that chemist don’t have right, even to dispense any of the available anticold preparation or cough syrups without the prescription of doctors.

What is the reality?

Truth is that nearby chemist nowadays, readily dispense even latest antibiotics without doctor’s prescription.  Due to negligence, we (Doctors) have never raised voice against ‘Over The Counter’ selling of medicines by chemist?

Who has suffered due to this?

 Poor patients as well as all Registered Medical Practitioners!!

Will any of the medical association take up this issue to counteract increased voice of united chemists against dispensing by doctors?


Dr. Aankit S Sanghvi

To view schedule 'H' drug  list, either click the link or copy it and paste in to address bar of your web browser and click 'Go'.Be patient as it takes at least 1-2 minutes for all the pages to appear on your screen.



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