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Stress and Brahma
In one of my articles I have written about the practice of NAMASMARAN and one of its inevitable aspects viz. the holistic perspective, thinking, plans and programs and their implementation.

This was to show and reawaken ourselves to the basic and undeniable unity between true spiritualism and material life and get involved in SUPERLIVING.

One such major problem of inaction and hypocrisy; is caused by conceptual misunderstanding of the aphorism “I am Brahma”.

We have become apolitical, petty, indolent, indifferent, irresponsible, degraded and self destructive; due to our delusion “I am brahma”! We are brahma in our talks, imagination and preaching; but (due to insufficient adequate SADHANA and NAMASMARAN) mundane in our behavior, (which we try to disguise in some charity; and feel gratified).

We do not realize that “I am brahma” is true only for extremely few exceptional individuals and not for all. All of us are [brahma + (body + mind + society + and many things included in internal and external environment called “maya”)]. Hence our aim should be to gradually transcend maya through NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA (which I have conceptualized in SUPERLIVING); as evinced in Gita and no more remain cut off from participating the national perspective, policy making, plans, programs and their implementation! This must be done for own blossoming in view of the fact observed every day; that even though; “I am brahma”, “I am also body, mind, society and the mankind” and I do not merely enjoy or suffer by their influence, but my life is impossible without them.

In the process of NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA (SUPERLIVING); I am sure I would reach the state of being brahma and where I do not have to imagine or declare that “I am brahma”.

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Stress and Breast Feeding
After decades of thinking and working on TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT I have begun to realize that the best way of stress management should have certain merits.

It should be possible and feasible for maximum people, except extremes; such as embryos, newborn, comatose or mentally challenged individuals.

It should not be a matter of selling, buying, marketing, advertising, bargaining, exploiting, and so on.

It should not cause any financial loss.

It should not have any undesirable side effects.

It should not be painful or discomforting.

It should not be a nuisance to others, including those who belong to other religions, other faiths, other ideologies etc.

It should involve intellectual surrender, though it may not fit in one’s subjective rationality.

It should not be conducive to dependence, parasitism, lethargy, indolence, passivity, inaction and discord in society.

It should be natural, like blossoming of a plant and emanation of the fragrance.

It should be conducive to growth and evolution; enhancing dynamic harmony in individual and universal life.

In simple words, Total Stress Management should be like the breast feeding, which plays; “life building and life blossoming role” in the infant even if he/she does not realize it! The guru is called, mauli (mother), because he/she feeds the divine sap of NAMASMARAN i.e. remembrance and reorientation to one’s true self, to generations after generations.

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Stress and Desires
Is it appropriate to advocate desirelessness or fulfilling of all desires right from childhood?

This is very important question in Total Stress Management i.e. individual and global blossoming.

The ultimate state of a self realized soul is called as STHITAPRAJNA.

The meaning or purport of this state is not desirelessness; but culmination of all individual desires into the cosmic desire. This is an evolved and buoyant state. This is a dynamically fulfilled state. This is not a state of accepting surrender. This is a sublime, victorious and ecstatic state of fulfilling one’s “real desire” of merging with the cosmic consciousness.

In general; many ascetics advocate arbitrary suppression of desires; and austerity; and the individualists uphold fulfillment of all desires right from childhood! The spiritual, ideological, intellectual, religious and political leaders are likely to be confused and hence divided on this issue. Thus even amongst the honest and well meaning individuals; some may feel genuinely that desirelessness (austerity) is the key; and others may feel equally honestly, that fulfillment of all desires; is the key to global welfare!

Both have substance in their opinions.

Thus; the newborn babies, infants, toddlers, children, youths and the elderly; while passing through different stages of development contribute to the beautiful and panoramic dynamics of the human civilization. Hence one can not and should not deny the desires of people through their development!

But it is also true that those whose desires were sublimated into the cosmic desire lead the noblest aspects of the core of human civilization! Hence pursuit of fulfillment of desires per se; also; can not be the solution!

The best answer to his question is given in the concept of SWADHARMA; as I have explained in my books “Conceptual Stress” and “New Study of Bhagavad Gita”, both available for freed download!

NAMASMARAN reorients us to the precise and sublime duty at every stage of development and in every walk of life; and helps us to march joyously and victoriously from the states of enjoying the personal desires; to the state of sublimating them in cosmic desire; by choosing the best in the world for individual and global blossoming.
Hence it is really urgent for the wisdom and leadership of the world; to arrive at a consensus and introduce the study and practice of NAMASMARAN (JAPA, JAAP, JIKRA, remembrance of one’s true self) in all the courses; at all the stages of education and in fact; every walk of life!

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Stress and God
Neither the believers nor the disbelievers are free from stress.

The conflict between belief and disbelief; and between petty and universal self, inside (in the needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior); and the resultant stress continue to trouble till the believers and nonbelievers are trapped in petty self.

When the believers and nonbelievers evolve into selfless, independent and universal self, through “freedom” from petty self, the stress inside (needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior) begins to disappear!

To ascertain and experience this “total stress management” or “superliving”; one has to give top priority to practice and propagation of NAMASMARAN, amidst rest of the hustle and bustle of life.

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Stress and History
We are in impressionable age when we are school children. Certain facts we read and learn from history leave deep impressions on our minds. These impressions can grow into prejudices, bitterness, bigotry, hatred, rivalry, fanaticism, unrest and riots and severe stress in personal and social life. In addition to the “inappropriate historical facts”; the ambiguity in the teaching of values taught in the history can also bring about severe stress in individual and global life.

Recently I watched on TV that the history books are studded with photographs and details of invader emperors, while the freedom fighters and saints are totally neglected.

I was reminded of the fact we, as children harbored in minds a divisive (and in my view hoax) theory of “Aryan invasion” that surreptiously suggests division of Bharat into “indigenous dravids” and “alien invader Aryans! We also read condemnation of certain rituals and traditions belonging to only Hindu religion suggesting indirectly (by omission of comments on traditions in the other religions) that all other religions except Hindu; are good and Hindu religion is backward and retrogressive!

We also carried conflicts due to praise we read about opposing values!

Thus, we never could understand how invaders could be adored, in the same vein as the freedom fighters! We also could never reason out how the violent activities of the armed revolutionaries were admired in the same vein as the nonviolent activities!

In view of the severe conflict and stress that can result in personal life and social life, it is imperative to understand and explain the gist of history and the purpose of teaching history! It is also necessary to present accurate facts in a manner and details; appropriate to the development of the students in schools and children at homes.

The history curriculum designers should avert the stress in individual and social life of the growing generations, by taking urgent and proper steps!

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Stress and Hypocrisy
When we are trapped in the dilemma of what we expect from ourselves; and what we actually feel and do; we get stressed.

We try to overcome such stress by “assuming to be” “what we think we should be” rather than being what we are, (which is very difficult)!

This is hypocrisy!

Similarly when we get “pulled” between what others should think or believe us to be and what we believe we are; we get stressed!

We try to manage such stress by hiding things which we think people would not approve; and show, exhibit and advertise things which we think people would appreciate!
This is also hypocrisy!

Often we condemn others for being hypocrites. But most of us are hypocrites. This is because we do not understand ourselves and we do not understand whether others understand us not! Actually it is impossible to “know” ourselves and also other selves! The “self” of every one of us is beyond intellectual definition and concrete and constant identity. It is not even possible to understand our own and others’ perceptions, because they are not too subtle and changing!

The phenomenon of assuming to be somebody and phenomenon of posing to be somebody (hypocrisy) further add to our stress; rather than freeing us from stress!

The fact that hypocrisy; thus actually makes us miserable; becomes clear, through the process of absorbing or recollecting our essence (self); trapped in our subjective thinking, feeling and needs; through the practice of NAMASMARAN.

One need not believe in this but verify for oneself if one desires to do so.

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Stress and Kumbha
The kumbha Mela takes place in four places in India viz. Ujjain, Nashi, Haridwar and Waranasi (Alahabad). The auspicious period repeats itself every twelve years. Millions of people collect and take bath in Ganga.

What is so special about this period?

The explanation of salvation from sins is inexplicable in scientific terms, because science does not conceive the meaning of “paap and punya” i.e. “sin and good deed” respectively.

The alternative explanation is probably as follows.

All paap or sin is that which takes us away from our true self, i.e. disorients us from ourselves. All punya is that, which enhances our orientation to our true self.

The kumbha period, by virtue of the characteristic constellation (The specific constellation during this time is Sun enters the Mesha rashi, Moon enters the Dhanu rashi and Guru enters the Kumbha rashi) according to Indian or the lunar calendar) seems to influence certain and places and rivers on the earth; beneficially; making them conducive to orientation to the universe to her cosmic self.

Since the human beings are subtly connected with rest of the universe, these places and rivers probably enhance the orientation of human beings also; to their true self.

This is analogous to the help one gets from the wind while sailing. The external and internal environment when favorable, one can get reoriented to the true self and experiences self realization!

The kumbha period (parva) probably signifies such a period full of benevolence!
It is essential to explore and appreciate the subtle links between human being and the universe and also the subtle changes in the rivers and the places; responsible for transcendental benefit; during this period.

The sociological, economic and other explanations (such as microbiological) offered are too simplistic and hence conceal the most beneficial and enlightening truth that can blossom the whole world!

Indian calendar is called panchang [pancha = five anga= aspects or parts; viz. tithi, war, nakshatra, karan and ayan].

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Stress and Law
The stress is universal. It is ubiquitous. It is natural. It is inseparable from life. However; if it is not managed properly then it becomes detrimental to individual and global blossoming and even survival. Hence it has to be managed properly.

Stress has been managed in many ways for millennia. The ways of stress management have been changing as the life and the nature of stress have been changing. Since the nature of life is vast and complex the nature of stress is also vast and complex. Hence the traditions, customs, conventions, commandments, decrees, laws, rules, regulations, administration, etiquettes and manners; on the one hand; and scientific inventions, discoveries, artistic creations and other modes of elevating, exhilarating, entertaining, consoling and soothing life on the other; have limitations in terms of stress management (even though they have contributed tremendously in stress management; in the past)!

All these ways of stress management can come closer to accuracy and hence achieve greater effectiveness if they spring from and are coordinated and orchestrated by ever renewed self realization i.e. cosmic consciousness, in the new generations!

In fact, self realization i.e. merging with cosmic consciusness; enables us to express the enlightenment in every walk of life so that above said coordination, orchestration and harmonization in every field through out the world becomes possible. In other words individual and global stress management (Total Stress Management) becomes possible.

The way for merging with cosmic consciousness is NAMASMARAN.

It is true that thousands of people are practicing NAMSMARAN and many of them are merging with cosmic consciousness and expressing their enlightenment in various walks of life. But this practice of NAMASMARAN i.e. process of self realization has to be universal so that the laws governing the universal life become conducive to self realization i.e. individual and global blossoming.

In the field of law, there are; many laws, which are coercive, restrictive, throttling, suffocating and create hindrance to individual and global blossoming on one hand; and many laws conducive to individual and global blossoming; are grimly missing; on the other!

The laws regarding education, health, agriculture, industries and so on; should be such; that they enhance self realization i.e. individual and global blossoming and dispel the degenerating, debilitating and destructive forces. For instance:

1. Concept of Self realization (holistic (universal) perspective, policy making, planning and execution)
2. Concepts of Holistic health Holistic Medicine
3. Productive Domain in Education
4. Plantation of suitable or feasible plants
5. Conviction of the demerits, disadvantages and dangers of the perspective, policies, planning and laws and regulations; leading to “individualistic and consumerist progress” (e.g. unabated felling of trees, excessive production and marketing of personal transport vehicles and barbaric and brutal slaughtering of animals)
must be part of all kinds of education.

Everything other than NAMASMARAN; “marketed and sold”, “hyped and imposed” and “glorified and infused”; for “stress management or stress relaxation”; such as meditation techniques, rituals, equipments, commodities etc.; are subjective, escapist, sectarian, ad hoc, superficial and neglect or ridicule the above mentioned aspects of Total Stress Management and hence; in the presence of NAMASMARAN they can be temporarily beneficial (palliative symptomatic) and in the absence of NAMASMARAN, the prove to be either counterproductive or useless!

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Stress and Marathi Announcement
There is no announcement in Marathi on Mumbai airports. This makes every Marathi speaking person feel that these airports do not belong to him or her. It also brings about a disturbing feeling of having come in an alien area, a foreign land or even a mildly hostile place, which brings about a feeling alienation, anxiety and of unnecessary pressure and stress. This happens especially in case of the vast majority of the Maharashtrians whose mother tongue is not Hindi or English.

It is essential to vehemently pursue this matter and enforce the government and the concerned agencies to bring about the necessary change and start announcement in Marathi on these airports in Mumbai, which is the capital of Maharashtra.

That would make all Marathi people coming from the nook and corner of Maharashtra; feel at home on these otherwise alien and hostile appearing airports. It would also make all Marathi people feel that Mumbai airports belong to Maharashtra and residents of Maharashtra.

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Stress and Musk
Can the whirlwind know the direction of its velocity and acceleration?

Can the earthquake know its epicenter?

Can the earth know the direction of movement?

Can the body know the nature of intermolecular forces?

Can the deer know the location of musk?

We keep on darting intellectually, emotionally, instinctually and physically without knowing the culmination, which is the “merger” with the core of individual and universal existence!

Stress may continue even after the “musk is located”, but the “stress” does not remain “stress” anymore!

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