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Shame is a disturbing feeling that emerges reflexly, automatically, involuntarily and often even in spite of our efforts to avoid it!

Shame seems to involve descent and fall in one’s own eye! Shame may lead to reactive and indiscriminate violence; towards others; and suicidal violence towards self.

Shame at individual level; is an unbearable state of lowliness, in which living appears impossible.

Shame is determined by certain neural structures (determined by genetic and epigenetic factors) and neural circuits, neurotransmitters, which are influenced by ethical beliefs, conventions, traditions, customs, social acceptance, approval, respectability etc on the one hand; and social, political, religious, cultural, racial; disapproval, rejection, persecution etc on the other!

Individual and mass shame; can be conscious or unconscious. It is often created in us; by false propaganda; and can force us into slavery and retreat for life time. Conversely, it can also compel us to be antinational, seditious and treacherous for life time. All this can be at national and international levels and for millennia.

It is interesting to note that shame disappears in lesions of a part of brain called temporal lobe e.g. Kluver Bucy Syndrome. It is interesting to note that such shamelessness is also experienced after consumption of alcohol!

Lack of shame coupled with callousness, viciousness, arrogance and self righteousness lead to aggressions, invasions, coercions, oppressions, conspiracies and exploitation. Thus; even as the shame as such; is destructive, the shamelessness leads to destructive, unjust and perverted behavior.

We have to understand whether we are drowned in conscious or unconscious shame and have become slavish; or we are shameless and perverted exploiters! It is however not easy to introspect and return to our natural, objective and magnanimous true self, merely by voluntary efforts.

But it is possible through NAMASMARAN, to rectify our shame and shamelessness as the case may be. NAMASMARAN is indeed preached by Mahatma Gandhi; and is extremely important for all the nations in the world to preserve and promote their sanity and normalcy; and to avoid being exploited or exploiters; or shameful or shameless!

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