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It is often said that practice is more important than merely preaching and promotion. This is obviously true; in case of those who preach and promote something for petty gains; and practice something else; for money, power, adulations or more lowly gains; at the cost of others.

But this is also true for those who unknowingly preach and promote NAMASMARAN more; and practice less!

Why does this happen?

Living (practice); and sharing (preaching and promotion) of impressions, understanding and experiences; go hand in hand!

We tend to preach and promote more; because we share a common dream with the whole world; the dream of global welfare. This is called (VISHVACHE ARTA by Saint Dnyaneshvar). But we rarely identify it; and unknowingly are charged and possessed by it according to our predisposition and capability.

Some of us get satisfied with ad hoc (incomplete, superficial and symptomatic) solutions; and enter political, social, commercial, artistic, academic, industrial, agricultural, philanthropic careers.

Some are not satisfied with ad hoc solutions; and try to go deeper to realize the dream of universal welfare.
Out of these; some get lost into the fleeting ideologies, unrealistic concepts and self deception. They come to terms with the deception and in turn; deceive people under the guise of political revolution, spiritual renaissance, sat yug and so on!

While remaining few; try to go to the roots of the problems for realizing the dream of global unity and harmony; with holistic perspective. They almost reach holistic solutions in terms of universal perspective, policies, plans and actions. The most important common factor amongst them is the indescribable bond of blossoming together.

NAMASMARAN is found to be the eternal source of holistic solutions; and in NAMASMARAN; there is an experience of the whole universe coming closer. Due to this experience; people cannot resist themselves from preaching and promoting NAMASMARAN; in every possible way; as a matter of greatest privilege, golden opportunity.

But still; it must be clarified here; that the practice of NAMASMARAN is far more real, vital, crucial to us; and the welfare of universe; than preaching and promotion.

The practice however; at times can be tiring; and hence the next best thing to do is; preaching and promotion.

In view of the overwhelming dark forces; the preaching and promotion are very much needed; so as to inform and inspire (not coax) maximum people; for the inner blossoming through NAMASMARAN. However; if we do not practice, then we are likely not to blossom from within and not get the objective experience of universal benevolence (BHAKTI); and hence indulge in loud propaganda, gaudy advertisements and create aversion and repulsion about NAMASMSRAN!

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