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The great seers see the undercurrents of unity. They live in the plane and the spirit of unity!

However; some of their followers often knowingly or unknowingly stick to some rigid discipline, which often assumes the form of rituals.

This is useful to preserve the heritage of the seer, by virtue of preempting complacency, lethargy and irresponsibility. It is also useful to some extent; to prevent casual approach and/or vulgarization; and maintain sanctity and due seriousness.

But when this discipline sticks to the external form and the paraphernalia and loses the spirit of the visionary; it becomes a hindrance to the revitalizing and rejuvenating globalization of the very spirit with which the visionary lived.

This is exactly why; even as there are billions of people practicing NAMASMARAN; as a result of the illuminating lives of the seers, sages, saints and prophets; there are literally; so many disunited or un-united sects and cults; even amongst the practitioners and advocates of NAMASMARAN, do not understand that the synonyms such as JAP, JAAP, JIKRA, SIMARAN, SUMIRAN, REMEMBRANCE and SMARAN; imply the same spirit of unity and harmony.

They do not seem to understand that all such synonyms from different languages and different traditions, most importantly connote the conceptualization of holistic perspective, policy, plans, programs and their implementation and actually realize the universal unity, harmony and blossoming; foreseen by the seers!

If this becomes clear, then; starting with the practitioners and advocates of NAMASMARAN of different sects, cults, traditions and religions; rest of the people of the world; including even the atheists; would actually unite and blossom!


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