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Huge bilateral ovarian cysts in adulthood as the presenting feature of Van Wyk Grumbach syndrome due to chronic uncontrolled juvenile hypothyroidism
Cases of multicystic ovaries with primary hypothyroidism
have been reported in girls as a cause of pseudoprecocious
puberty,[1,2] and in adult females with abdominal pain.[3] The
ovarian cysts are thought to be due to increased ovarian
sensitivity to gonadotropins[4] or more likely an action
of increased circulatory levels of thyroid stimulating
hormone (TSH) (secondary to chronic untreated primary
hypothyroidism) on follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
receptor (FSHR) causing gonadal stimulation.[5,6] Here
we report a case of juvenile primary hypothyroidism
presenting in adulthood as abdominal mass due to huge
bilateral ovarian cysts.

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