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The desire of individual and global welfare is born within; as a vague urge. It springs from within as an ambiguous upsurge! It is articulated and manifested in different ways; and through various activities.
But this desire of ours is never satisfied or fulfilled!
This is because; there is no distinct criterion or blue print of individual and global welfare that would be fully satisfactory! Hence we are never in a position to declare that “individual and global welfare” is achieved!
Should we accept failure in such a case?
We should have patience.
Our desire actually gets initiated beyond our control; from the ultimate and supreme controller of the universe! He generates as well as designs; our desire as well as our actions; and He alone shapes the results; in terms of scope and limitations of our desire! This all; is according to His divine plan!
Through NAMASMARAN; all our finite and mortal existence; including “our desire of individual and global welfare, our activities and our achievements or otherwise” and also; our “not so noble urges and impulses”; merge with the immortal and infinite ocean of the nectar of NAMA, from where they emerge! This is really fulfilling!
This is Guru Krupa (bounty) or Guru Bhet (meeting); in as much as it is victory (VIJAY) of NAMA!

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