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HRUDGAT: (A Heart to Heart Dialogue with newly admitted Medical Students) Dr. Shriniwas J. Kashalikar,
HRUDGAT: (A Heart to Heart Dialogue with newly admitted Medical Students)
Dr. Shriniwas J. Kashalikar,


I salute my Guru, who is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh called Gunamaya i.e. the penultimate truth; and the Parabrahma; i.e. the ultimate truth.

Teacher: Dear friends! Hearty welcome to this prestigious and ambitious institute of medical sciences and research center! Medical career is crucial to health, happiness and progress of an individual as well as the society.
Students: Thank you very much sir! Sir, what is your advice for us; as the beginners in the medical career?
Teacher: The advice is simple! Make the most of life you may; life is short and wears away! Life is very precious! Make use of it to the best of your capacity! This is true for every one of us, but especially for you all, who are young, full of energy and full of dreams and aspirations! This is a great opportunity to express your vitality and potentials in a creative and constructive way and blossom together!
Students: Sir, are there any practical suggestions?
Teacher: Yes! The first and the foremost; is to keep meeting and interacting with your teachers, other staff members and colleagues. Ask questions and share your difficulties and problems! We all are at your service. In short, help us to help you. Let us all progress happily and together!
Students: Sir, but we often feel shy!
Teacher: That is natural. But the best way to; overcome shyness is to begin somewhere to open up and be bold! Many of you already seem to be bold! This way; you would enjoy every moment of your life here; and would never repent!
Students: Sir, we have apprehension about hostel life!
Teacher: Being away from your family you may be uncomfortable initially. There could be some problems regarding the food and day to day requirements also. But you are sure to get new friends, well wishers and caring people around; during your hostel life, which would make you comfortable and there would be improvement on other fronts also! Everybody here is busy in making your life better in every way!
Students: We have heard that the medical career is tough!
Teacher: Medical career is not very easy but it is rewarding in every possible way! Moreover; we all are here to make it easier and enjoyable! In fact; everybody here is busy in the mission of blossoming together and to groom you into excellent medical graduates!
Students: Is there any practical way to make this career easier?
Teacher: Well! One simple but important thing is to buy a Medical Dictionary. When you start understanding the medical terms, the medical subjects become not only easier but also; more enjoyable. It is essential to also buy English into Marathi (or your language) dictionary; if you already don not have one. This makes it further easier as well as interesting. This is essential even as the teachers keep trying to explain everything in your language, besides English!
Students: What about our daily conduct?
Teacher: You are all cultured and good students. You know the value of being moderate; in eating, sleeping, exercise, sports, extracurricular activities; and above all; respecting yourself and the others! Moreover you need to be disciplined and punctual so as to improve your efficiency.
Students: Sir, many of us have fear of failures!
Teacher: It is true that some students take longer time than others to cope up with the studies. But in case of fear of failure as well as actual failure; you should seek the support/guidance without any hesitation; from your teachers. They are always eager to help you.
Secondly; always remember that irrespective of failure; there is enormous potential in all of you! You can come out of even the worst situation and achieve the best! (Of course; this does not mean that you should be complacent, reckless or careless)!
Students: Sir, what should be our ideal?
Teacher: I think, our deal should be; individual and universal blossoming!
Students: Can you elaborate on this?
Teacher: This ideal is incorporated in the following Sanskrit verse from the great text book of Ayurvedic Medicine; Ashtanga Hridaya (The core of the eight aspects of Ayurveda); by the great genius Wagbhat.
Roughly; this means:
Blessed be the doctor/healer, who is well behaved, who is well versed with complete science of healing, who has achieved expertise and skills in clinical practice and research; and above all; who yearns individual and universal blossoming!
Students: This is really inspiring! Can you elaborate further; sir?
Teacher: In short, BHISHAJA: SADHUVRUTTANAM BHADRAM AGAMSHALINAM means; blessed be he/she, who studies human life, suffering and the preventive, curative and rehabilitative ways; from different angles and varied approaches.
Students: Do you mean that we have to study Ayurveda, Homoeopathy etc also?
Teacher: All the systems of Medicine are not included in the present curriculum Further, in a limited time frame; it may not be possible to study different systems of Medicine. But it is good to keep mind open; and get introduced to the principles of different systems as an extracurricular activity; and try to appreciate the interdisciplinary complementarity in healing and the health promotion. For this, it is important to get rid of our subjectivity, sectarian attitude and prejudices; and be as much objective as possible. The unbiased, unprejudiced and impartial nature and purity and innocence of heart are essential for accurate learning and appropriate decision making in medical career, even though this is true for other fields also.
Students: How to be objective?
Teacher: The best way to be objective; is to practice NAMASMARAN, more about which you can find in my books and articles available for free download on internet.
Teacher: Blessed be the one, who undergoes necessary training in techniques of prevention, examinations, investigations, treatment, rehabilitation and research.
Students: This is easy to understand. What is the meaning of BHADRAM BHADRABHILASHINAM?
Teacher: BHADRAM BHADRABHILASHINAM means; blessed be he/she, who yearns for individual and universal blossoming!
Students: Thank you sir! We appreciate this. But don’t you think that in this world of cut throat competition; we would be failures if we pursue such “noble” and probably “unrealistic and impractical” ideals?
Teacher: This is really an honest and frank question! Actually, we are trapped in cut throat competition and chaotic, confused and illusory pursuit of mirages! It is deceptive! Hence whether successful or otherwise, most of us are unhappy and hence add to the unhappiness of others! Most of us are disturbed and add to the disturbance of others! Most of us are under stress and add to the stress of others! This is a vicious cycle!
On the other hand; the pursuit “individual and universal blossoming” sets in a wellness cycle! It is like nurturing roots of the “life tree” of which we are a part. It is full proof and infallible!
In the present rat race; whether we succeed or fail, we land up becoming maniac or failures or suicidal; respectively. This is detrimental to us and/or others!
In the pursuit of individual and universal blossoming; we are sure to be in “win win” situation and increasingly fulfilled and never repent!
Students: Please elaborate; how this pursuit would be beneficial to us as well as the society.
Teacher: This pursuit embodies the natural principle of homeostasis, in which every constituent part nurtures the whole system and vice versa. Thus it involves contribution of every individual from different fields of life; to the health and happiness of the society as a whole, which in turn ensures the blossoming of different fields and the individuals therein!
Today; this happens to some extent; as a consequence of ongoing holistic evolution (and not merely biological evolution) by virtue of the spiritual legacy of our great and enlightened ancestors! But this would happen far more extensively if, we, the would be doctors, doctors, industrialists, agriculturists, engineers, artists, scientists, bureaucrats, politicians and so on; are increasingly freed; from tubularity of vision, sectarian attitude, fragmented thinking, fanatic tendencies, bigotry, prejudices, rigid biases, petty selfishness, and vested interests.
Students: But how to get freed from these?
Teacher: As I said earlier the simplest and universally accepted way (which I know) to conquer the subjectivity and pettiness of every kind; and be increasingly objective and broad, is the practice of NAMASMARAN.
Students: What is the meaning of NAMASMARAN? Can you please tell more?
Teacher: NAMASMARAN (From Sanskrit: Name = a (divine) name; smaran = remembrance); means remembering the name of God, which implies the true self, either loudly or silently. This is called jaap, jap, jikra in Hindi and Urdu respectively. It is also called simaran and sumiran.

NAMASMARAN; by virtue of its almost universal acceptability, simplicity, non-technicality and inexpensiveness; is the key to individual and universal blossoming i.e. Total Stress Management, irrespective of age, sex, occupation, socioeconomic stratum, race, religion, culture, ideology, nationality and other variables! This is especially so, because; NAMASMARAN does not involve any stringent rules, coercive regulations or crippling bindings. It does not interfere with the customs or belief systems.
NAMASMARAN, which is focusing on NAMA, gradually frees us from our individualistic and selfish shackles and reorients us to our own true selves. It revitalizes and rejuvenates us and catalyzes the evolution and implementation of holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and achieve individual and universal blossoming!
Students: Will you please explain these terms further?
Teacher: Yes! It is interesting as well as essential to understand them! PRERANA is the inspiration and SATPRERANA is the inspiration to realize truth. DHARANA is the conviction and SATDHARANA implies the conviction in the truth. VICHAR is thinking and SADVICHAR means thinking that enables us to realize the truth. BHAVANA is feeling and SADBHAVANA is the totality of our feelings, which lifts us to reach the truth! PRAVRUTTI is convergence of our inclinations, aptitudes, fixations; and SATPRAVRUTTI is; this bent of our mind to realize truth. VASANA means instincts. SADVASANA means the evolving and directing the array of our passions, to merge with truth! ICCHHA means desire and SADICCHHAA is a convergence of all desires in realizing truth. SHAKTI means power and SATSHAKTI is the power - the might involved in SADACHAR. SANKALP means synthesis and crystallization of our perspective, thoughts, feelings and instincts into a specific well defined pursuit and SATSANKALP means directing this towards individual and universal blossoming inherent to the realization of truth! KARMA means action and SATKARMA reorienting every different activity reaching us to to truth. ACHAR means transactions and SADACHAR means the transactions in different fields; at personal, family and social level, conducive to merging with truth (called NAMA by the practitioners of NAMASMARAN)!
Students: This appears promising!
Teacher: The practice of NAMASMARAN is a life line in every circumstance and forever! The best of everything in the world and of course; in the medical world; springs from the blissful enlightenment inherent to NAMASMARAN and in turn; culminates into it as well!
For example, in the pursuit of this ideal; if you become a health minister, then the whole nation would be healthier and happier; by virtue of your holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation! The healthier and happier nation in turn, would provide all the needs to every individual in different fields of life; including you, for healthier and happier life. In such a case; won’t the parents, teachers and alma mater be satisfied and proud of you? Won’t they cherish your legendary association with them? Hence this HRUDGAT is the best gift we can offer you; on this memorable occasion! I would however request you not to accept or reject this HRUDGAT casually; but verify it for yourself!
Before ending; it may be noted that, over 45 books, 600 articles and 200 videos in English, Hindi and Marathi on physiology, health, stress management and NAMASMARAN; written and demonstrated by Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar are available for free download on internet on; over 300 free sharing international websites including

Let all of us be happy through empowerment for universal perspective, vision, thinking, feeling and working for simultaneous individual and universal blossoming through freedom from suffocating superficiality and petrifying pettiness

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