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Ageing is the process which cannot be reversed as the man or animal who has taken birth has to die one day,maximum age for human being is 100 yrs.Our skin ,nerves,hear lung,intestines,bones ,muscles every part starts showing feature of old age and we becomes older and older these tissue becomes mor older and show signs of decaying and loss in structure,function and minor intracellular biochemical activities and ultimately one has to die.
man has conqured the world by reseach of Dolly by producing a replica of a person 100% by on cells without needing fetilisation from oppisite partner egg by establishing and harvesting stem cells or embroyinc cells of primitive or primodial cells which is the mother cells of every thing.As blood and skin and endothelium of intestines are rapidly replaced every day so here Stem cells does a remarable work ,they remain exist here even in old age and Bone marrow which forms all type of blood cells is the store house of these blood stem cells which produce different type of Blood cells.Bone marrow produce myeloid and lymphoid type of blood cells,Myeloid is concerned for producing immune cells resulting in productions of fighting blood cells which helps us o prevent inflammation by infection and cancer.But some lymphoid cells help our body to repair or rejuvenate old cells or tissue.In young mice Myeloid cells are produced in less number than Lymphoid cells but in old Mice Lymphoid are in less number produced,so repair work in not done properly but after injecting stem cells (or blood )from young Mice is injected in to old Mice it travels to Bone Marrow of old Mice and stimulate it to produce lympoid cells so that repair of old tissue being undertaken very rapidly as old Tissue are repaired Ageing Process is being reversed.
This study has been done in Mice only but not in Human Being but as more research will further clear the picture,Man will be immortal as only limitation OF IMMORTALITY is the fact that all body tissue usually becomes old and self decay and destruction is the cause of death of tissue or human being as Man has conquered over diseases and infections but cannot control self dying process and by such invention the last hurdle of Man Being Immortal will be also removed.
By mixing blood of old people with the blood of young people ,these young bllod cells rejuvenate old blood cells .This has been demonstrated by THE HAVARD STEM CELL INSTITUTE by a recent published study on Mice.When blood from young mice bone marrow injected in old mice,these blood cells after entering into Bone Marow of Old mice revitalise these Blod Stem Cells present in Bone Marrow.Reseacher concluded that usually in old Mice Bone marrow produce that type of Blood stem cells which generate more Myeloid series blood cells which control infection or tumors but less amount of Blood stem cells whch produce Lymphoid series cells that orchestrate or regenerate tissue Repair as seen in young Mice but after the injectionof young blood cells even old Mice started producing stem cells that is doing tissue repair.The study is yet to be done in Human being.
hence such study is most important mile stone in life of Human being as now man can produce own replica by oneself,can kill any infection ,defeat any metabolic,cardivasular,immunological or herditory disese but now by this study old age will be turned into young age and Man will live for years as he wants to live or he will be IMMORTAL.

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