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Fat grafting has gained more and more popularity in recent times. This is due to its appeal as a natural alternative to implants. Although it does not guarantee the amount of augmentation that implants do, it is highly desirable today. What is fat grafting? Fat grafting is when fat is removed from the subcutaneous layer in one part of the body and grafted into the same layer in another part. It ..

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Laser hair reduction is a popular aesthetic treatment that helps men and women to get silkier, smoother skin without painful tweezing or shaving. If a person is looking for laser hair removal in Bangalore, then they can visit Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology as they have world-class technologies such as diode and world-class lasers to provide the best services to their valuable patients. For men, th..

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Endometriosis Cameron John's first experience with the world in late 2006 was an accomplishment. His mother, Louise Brown, was the first in vitro Conceive Gynecology and Fertility Hospital Sharjah treatment (IVF) youngster on the planet, considered in England in 1978. First experience with the world created a firestorm of examination. First experience with the world was a minor intrigue. Louis..

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Smooth hair-free skin is loved by everyone! Hair removal with traditional methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing are time-consuming and have to be repeated at regular intervals. They are painful and do not yield effective results. Laser hair reduction is considered as an effective, efficient, and safe treatment, which provides long term solutions from unwanted body hair. The laser hair reduction t..

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Shriram Spine Hospital envisions to cure the patients with spinal problems with best of expertise, advanced technology, and to provide a patient friendly health care facility for treatment and healing. Shriram Spine Hospital brings excellence in the field of spinal surgery to the state of Rajasthan and the neighbouring states of North India. It is well known as a spine specialist centre. Establis..

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It is quiet common to find out that your hair line is receding? Men are prone to it and go by the name of male baldness patterns. It is part of the natural ageing process and there are various facets to it. If you find that the hair loss is at a rampant pace, then you would need to consider a hair transplant surgery. It is a procedure where your existing hair is re transplanted and it assures f..

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If you are looking forward to getting the laser hair removal treatment, then you should make sure that you take care of the certain things before getting the treatment because there are some people who might find some side effects with it. If you would get the treatment done by the best professional doctor at DermaClinix, then you won’t find any side-effects but there are certain things w..

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Dermatology is the subdivision of medical science accountable for the care and treatment of the skin, hair and nails. A general practice dermatologist is a medically certified doctor trained to cure skin, hair, and nail ailments and skin cancers. Several dermatologists also have supplementary training for the cure of skin cancer. When cancer like melanoma is not spotted and treated early it can ..

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In several circumstances, it is best to see an eye specialist named an ophthalmologist. These specialists will work with you to handle the complete healthcare of your eyes. A lot of males and females, and at times kids too, need to see this best ophthalmologist in Dwarka. The concern is not essentially apparent from meeting with a family clinician. In some circumstances, you might have the earl..

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DHI Bangalore is the world's largest chain of hair restoration clinics . After having pioneered FUE in 2003 DHI innovated and launched the Direct Hair Implantation procedure in 2005. DHI is now considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board and world class facilities and US and EU patents. DHI continues to launch new treatments for various stages of hai..

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