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Often I hear this question in my practice and i go into this long list that i have mentally prepared . The parents listen to me, raise the relevant questions and leave. But today in this blog i want to talk something other than what the books teach us. The news is all full of how people kill each other when they were cut off in the traffic, they shoot when someone else parks their car in their parking spot, employers are shot if they sack someone irrespective of the poor performance. We as a world have gotten very aggressive, so why are we blaming the kids. We want the children to be properly behaved, polite, perfect,but we do not have time to talk to them or teach them. We have no patience or time for them. Just by meeting all their so called needs we think our duty as parents is done.

I always say children are like sponges- whatever colour you will spill on them that is how they will look. So spend time with them, listen to them. Instead of living your ambitions and failed dreams, live their dreams. Let them be and trust me if they feel connected to you and secure they have no need to be aggressive and act out.

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Guess this is what ails society! I have recently come across an excellent way to beat these blues! Has anyone interacted with NLP? It has allowed me to explore means of getting over my frustrations, in a healthy manner. If only this could be transferred to all, the world would be a better place! I have done the basic course, and def plan on continuing my edu in this field. Regards, Vaishali


Excellent..Youn have brought out the real fact that noe a days parents have an idea of their duty is " to fulfill all the demands children made, to put into school( without ever checking up what the child does at school, ) and to shout when the poor child has poor shool performance."
dr nanda

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