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It is usual practice in india that many pathies are existing starting from recognised Allopathy,AYush consisting of Ayurved,Homeopath,Unani Siddha,Acupunture,Acupressure,Magnet,Rekki,Yoga,Sabloke, Chienese,Taiwan,Hongkong many therapies are practised in India where the treatment providers call themselves a reputed Doctor,use prefix as " Dr." before their name although they may not have proper school degree and may be socalle Sadhu /Mahatma or a simple religious preacher or a practising traditional healer having a little knowledge about medicine in that therapy.

      But these so clled Quack Doctors claim by oration or advertisement in print or electronic or social media prominantly or repeatedly expensing a hugh sum of lacs per month that they can completely cure the disease even as Diabetes,hypertension,cancer,epilepsy,allergy,skin,lung,joint,Kidney,heart diseases,short height,obesity, sexual, faireness, beauty,infertility etc and many even run a hugh clinic openly in cities and towns or online shops and big pharmaceutical industries.Yoga or excercise is a way of life if practised may prevent disease but cant cure fatal diseases but are practised as can reverse dibetes,hypertension,clogged brian or heart arteries.

                            As usual our general administrators as BDO/SDO/DM or Police or health officers or media regulators hardly take any action against them and such quack openly practice and advertise as they paid heavy bribe to local police or health officers or politicians who protect them and even a legal case is done aginst them then usually police donot arrest or file a charge sheet and even it does so then justice is so much delayed and prolonged that they ususally donot afraid of any legal action and such shops are never closed and such advertisement are openly show on almost all national tv channels in india openly after 10pm daily for hours.

 But a circle of relatives of medical doctors has been directed by way of the Further District Client Disputes Redressal Discussion board, Nagpur to pay up an quantity of Rs five.05 lakh as a result of unfair industry practices and deceptive sufferers via false commercials for offering whole remedy to diabetes. This comprises Rs four lakh fantastic that must be deposited with the Client Felony Assist Fund.

      The case essentially considerations a senior affected person Manohar Khorgade, who got here throughout an commercial that claimed to supply a whole remedy for diabetes with none use of medication and insulin. It discussed that Jay Kumar Dixit was once a Mumbai primarily based physician who was once the one physician focusing on acupuncture for curing diabetes and was once recognised by way of the Executive of India.He visits Congress Nagar primarily based health center run by way of his son and daughter-in-law. The commercial detailed in regards to the acupuncture treatment that it’s finished by way of piercing most effective two needles above ears and is totally risk free.

As in line with his plea, Khargode went to town primarily based health center of those medical doctors in 2010. The complainant began receiving the remedy for subsequent 23 months. When no development within the remedy was once seen, the medical doctors supplied loose remedy for the following 41 months. Nonetheless, no development was once spotted, the sugar stage rose to an alarming stage. The medical doctors then requested him to take allopathic drugs however his prerequisites saved deteriorating. He was once sooner or later compelled to transport to the courtroom to get justice.

      The courtroom discovered that respondents had been indulging into “unethical acts” as in line with Indian Scientific Council (Skilled habits, etiquette and Ethics) Laws, 2002, by way of publishing a deceptive commercial of curing diabetes via acupuncture, with none concrete scientific proof. The courtroom additionally flayed the trio for no longer maintaining scientific data of the sufferers as in line with 2002 rules, the place it was once made obligatory for medicos to stay all such data for no less than 3 years.The courtroom additionally identified that as in line with the Scientific Ethics rules, It’s unethical to go into into a freelance of “no remedy no fee”.

          A bench comprising president Shekhar Muley and contributors — Avinash Prabhune and Dipti Bobde — seen that the Dr Jay Kumar Dixit, his son Dr Swarnim and daughter-in-law Punam followed “unfair industry practices” by way of deceptive masses of sufferers via false commercials, promising a whole remedy for diabetes with out drugs or insulin.The Further District Client Disputes Redressal Forumfinally  directed to pay Rs four lakh fantastic against ‘Client Felony Assist Fund’ and Rs1 lakh to complainant against monetary losses and psychological and bodily harassment together with Rs five,000 for litigation value.

                  So it is high time that Doctors and Hospitals should refrain from advertisements as being practised or even report to local police or health authority or start a case in local court either individually or through medical associations for such advertisements or practices by such illegal traditional healers widely prevalent almost every where in India.Until we take action nothing will prevent quackery and malpractice killing thousands human being.


            What is your opinion ,please write few words how to tackle such misdeeds and false advertisements in India .

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