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Are you ready to get healthy ... the easy way ...???

Diet is not about force feeding ...

               Its about eating smart ...

Unfortunately we have n number of infinite reasons to eat ...  

                                 like an idiot !!!

Question is ... Why do we eat anything and everything ???

Even if you are not overweight there are millions of other reasons to watch your plate ... Remember eating smart has only positive long lasting health benefits and no side effects .

All I need from you is not a drastic change in your meal pattern but a slow and gradual increased selection of healthier options !!!

I'll help you select your favourite dishes in your plate with a magical spell of the word Health in it :) ...

So are you ready to join in the Eat Healthy Revolution with my Diet Mantra ...???

Its not ... tommorrow ...

                             or friday ...

                                    or monday ...

                                   but today ...                                

Just buzz in your comments ... either scrap me ... msg me or just reply herein the blog  and i'll positively help you out ... and make sure tht u get started with the eat healthy revolution and follow my diet mantra to see a new improved you !!!



Contact :

Priyam Ahuja

Nutritionist , Dietitian , Fitness Expert

Nutrition Consultant for several Fresh Faces of Television Industry .

Also a Nutrition Expert for Sports Players .






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Mam can you please give me some good dietary tips.....hope you will help me....

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