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Air pollution due to rapid urbanisation,modernisation,industralisation and deforestation with so much air,rail,vehicles of transport has made life measurable as many diseases starting from pulmonary,allergic skin,cardiovascular even arthritis, eye,memory,cerebro spinal and digestive diseasesoccur.

                   The way it has engulfed our national capital Delhi and other metro cities, nobody likes to stay here from foreign countries.the situation is not that bad as in India in advanced countries like USA,UK,Germany and France etc but still people in these states are marching on road to demand all safety from their country leadership to achieve full safety from global warming and an enviornment free from toxic green house gases.

Recently as per BBC,Thousands of mothers and their families staged a march in central London to demand action on climate change. “The Mothers Rise Up” protest was led by eleven 11-year-olds to represent the deadline of 2030 for tackling global warming, set by the United Nations.The march began near Hyde Park Corner and ended at Parliament Square. It was held in support of youth strikes nationwide. Similar marches are taking place across the country as well as internationally.

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, whose daughter Ella suffered a fatal asthma attack believed to be linked to air pollution, addressed the rally. TV presenter Konnie Huq, comedian Shappi Khorsandi and lawyer and activist Farhana Yamin also addressed the rally. Ms Huq said, "The reason we are here is because of the youth strikes - the young people have been putting us to shame and its time for us adults to take responsibility."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced on Saturday that he has commissioned Public Health England (PHE) to conduct a review of the impact of dirty air on the nations health

Another shocking example is from USA where a senior anaesthetist has request anaesthetist all over word to use servoflurane for anesthesia for different surgeries.Dr Brian of USA says that the amount of global warming each procedure contributes to the environment can be reduced by just using sevoflurane in most surgeries, instead of desflurane.

Sevoflurane is a very commonly used anesthesia gas in most surgeries. Other gases used as desflurane, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.Only about 5% of the anesthesia gas used is metabolized, the rest is exhaled. The exhaled gas is sucked into a ventilation system and then up and out through the roof, to mix with other greenhouse gases.

Compared to sevoflurane, desflurane is 20 times more potent in trapping heat in the atmosphere. And, while sevoflurane breaks down in just one year, desflurane remains for 14 years in the atmosphere. The overall impact of anesthetic agents on global warming may be low but every inch is important.

such are example how people across the globe are serious for air pollution while we,Indians are least concerned where toxic gases are almost all the year o days cross the red mark badly affecting our health water,food and enviornment and we as people advise others or blame government but do nothing ourselves to control it.

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