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As we all know that in this world full of hectic schedule and busy life style we human being are facing a lot of health problems. which we are know a days gradually  just ingoniring your health issues and later it became a great challenge for us.

In the same way male infertility is also becoming a great issue of newly married couple that they are facing now a day .Many people and society also that infertility is the only problems for female as female infertility has traditionaly been thought as a female problem .But no its only like that ,infertility may occur in male also,and this type of problem because of out way of daily life style .As know almost maximum male are taking,tobbaco,smoking,taking drug &  drinking alcahol because of to get relif from their hectic schedule and these is making worse their life.

There is increasing evidence that the harmful product of tabacco smoking may damage the tosticles and kilss sperm upto 15-20 % of couples are infertile and this infertility is gradually increasing .male infertility kind of heath is kind of issue in which it lowers the chance of his female parameter of getting pregant ,the main reason of male infirnity is lower sperm production, abnormal sperm function ,or blockages that prevant the delivery of sperm . It is mainaly commonly due to deficiencies in the semen quality is used as a surogate measure of male fecundity .And due to genetic defeat also it may occurs and a health problem such as diabetes  or infection such as chlomydia,momps,or hiv.Enlarged veins in the taste (varicocle) also can affect the quality of sperm.

Now the pre-common signs of male infirtility are

  • Testicle pain & Swelling
  • changes in sexual desire
  • Issues with ejaculation 
  • pronlem in maintining arection 
  • It also linked with his normal heath

But there is not to worry in this world full of science and technology there are many solution of almost many problem as our science and technology is so advanced

so plrevents are 

Some strategies suggested or proposed for avoding male  infertility includes the following are 

  • Should avoid smoking as it damages sperm of dna 
  • should maintain proper  and take a heathy diet 
  • Avoding excessive heat to the testes
  • just avoid and stop taking alcohol and drugs as there are very harmful for human life 

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