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As women grow older, their breasts tend to sag more due to age and gravity. Stretch marks become more evident, and they lose their youthful perkiness. Many women begin searching for how to get lifted breasts to return their breasts to their former perky selves.

Through their search, they inevitably come across the breast lift procedure or mastopexy. This cosmetic surgery procedure helps patients articulate their goals better through advanced 3D imaging technology.

3D technology like Crisalix (also known as boob goggles) helps patients envision the breasts they want before the procedure. This process helps the surgeon understand the patient's needs better and strive to meet the safest methods and most natural-looking results.

How to Get Lifted Breasts – Mastopexy Procedure

After deciding the shape and lift of your breasts, your surgeon administers general or local anaesthesia. They then begin the procedure with an incision in the areolar region. There are two primary kinds of incisions in breast lift: periareolar and inframammary.

Periareolar incisions are placed around the areola. Inframammary incisions are vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. Both cause minimal scarring.

The scar is hidden between the light and dark skin in the periareolar incision. Meanwhile, it hides under the breast in the inframammary alternative. Depending on the results you want, your surgeon chooses the best incision for you.

Through the incision, your surgeon removes underlying excess tissue, reducing the size of your breast. Breast reduction is often combined with breast lift surgery for the best results. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Rajat Gupta, tissue reshaping is also done. Dr Gupta also repositions the nipple and areola at a more youthful height, making the breasts appear perkier.

An enlarged areola may also be reduced by excising some areola skin at the perimeter. Since elasticity loss is why breasts sag, Dr Gupta removes any excess skin, automatically creating a tighter appearance. He then closes the incisions with sutures or skin adhesives.

Dr Gupta’s goal with such sophisticated techniques is to ensure entirely natural-looking results. The 3D simulation software at RG Aesthetics further enables our board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi to optimise the procedure and plan it carefully for ideal outcomes. The breakthrough Crisalix technology combined with his scar-free incision technique and careful remodelling ensure that your breast lift gives you the perky, youthful glow you deserve!

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