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The heart is the most crucial organ of your body which needs utmost care because it beats more than 1,00,000 times a day and pumps oxygen throughout your body. Today, you will learn about major symptoms that need immediate attention and can be consulted with the best cardiologist in Vadodara Gujarat India.


5 Reasons to see a Cardiologist:

  1. Family genetics
    Heart diseases can have a genetic correlation. Do some research, ask your immediate family members regarding their health conditions, and figure out if there is any pattern of heart diseases such as high blood pressure, chest pain, or high cholesterol. If there is a pattern, do consult the best cardiologist in Vadodara.
  2. High blood pressure
    Irregular or unstable blood pressure is one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. If it is shooting up at a rapid pace or dipping down frequently from the healthy range of 120/80, do yourself a favor and see the best cardiologist in Vadodara.
  3. Increased Cholesterol
    High cholesterol is a nightmare for your body. It is the major cause of several heart diseases and needs utmost attention and constant care. A cholesterol level of 200mg/dl or higher is a cause of concern. Eating a healthy and balanced diet with other valuable advice from the best cardiologist in Baroda can help you to fight it.
  4. Are you a smoker?
    Smoking puts you at a risk of getting trapped in several heart diseases. If you are a smoker or have a smoking history, regular check-ups with the best cardiologist in Vadodara would be beneficial.
  5. Diabetic patients
    There is a strong connection between diabetes and health diseases; which showcases adults having diabetes are greatly exposed to cardiovascular diseases. High blood sugar causes the vessels to malfunction which results in the unstable flow of blood. It is advisable to get regular check-ups done for patients suffering from diabetes.
  6. Cases of Congenital heart diseases in childhood
    The biggest misunderstanding about congenital heart disease in childhood is that if it is cured once, it doesn’t need frequent check-ups or intervention. However, consulting the best cardiologist in Vadodara India and taking care of your heart is crucial because patients with CHD surgery are more likely to fall for heart diseases than a normal person.

She advices you on every step for the well-being of your heart and constantly stays in touch with you. With being the best cardiologist in Vadodara, he also pursues great communication skills which help her patients feel good about themselves.

To book an appointment, please visit her website or call at +91 9687079991.

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