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What’s happening in modern urology?

Urology is a speciality dealing with organs in the genitourinary system of adults and children, in addition to diseases of the adrenal gland situated just above each kidney. The genitourinary system includes both kidneys, ureters (tubes that carry urine to the bladder), urinary bladder, prostate gland (semen producing gland below the bladder) and the urethra (passage carrying urine externally from the bladder). Diseases of the testicles, scrotum and penis are also included.

What can affect these organs?

Birth defects, tumours, infections, stones, injuries and dysfunction due to muscle or nerve damage to these organs.

Office urology:

With advances in technology and imaging almost the entire urinary tract can be visualised externally as well as internally in a single outpatient visit. This makes it possible most often to arrive at a diagnosis and medically start treatment for patients in a single visit.

What are these Modern advances?

High resolution ultrasound, CT scans and MRI scans can show each and every part of the urinary system in great detail and in the future artificial intelligence will help radiologist to make very accurate diagnosis just from these investigations without invasive tests.

Highly miniaturised endoscopes and optics can allow painless examination of the inside of the urinary tract without anaesthesia or admission and hence minimal time away from work.

Even treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are carried out in the outpatient due reduced side effects.

What is the greatest surgical advance in urology?

“Key-hole” surgery, which is performing surgery through existing openings (endoscopic) like the urinary passage of through small holes made in the abdomen( laparoscopic) in order to treat most of the diseases in urology is the greatest advance. Urinary organs are very deeply situated in the body and well protected by nature by being surrounded by bones and muscles (like shock absorbers). In the past in order to perform surgery the surgeon had to make a huge cut to reach the organs. This resulted in lot of pain, infection, cosmetic issues, hernia formation and prolonged time away from work. With these “keyhole” methods patients are discharged in one to three days after most surgeries and they return to work very quickly. Cosmetically they are unchanged. The effect has been that more people even come forward to donate kidneys for transplantation to their near and dear as the fear of open surgery is reduced.

Robotic surgery is available now that makes surgery easier and more precise for surgeons reducing their learning time as compared to the past.

What are the hurdles faced?

With advancement of technology comes an increased cost. Thus insurance premiums go up and even today robotic surgery is not covered worldwide by insurance and patients have to co-pay.

Determination and Treatment

Our urology group analyze, assesses, makes due, and treats urologic messes for offspring, everything being equal. Together we can attempt to decide the best treatment choices. This could include change in conduct, drug, and in outrageous circumstances, medical procedure. Our experts offer an assortment of in-office techniques and medicines including circumcision, labial attachments, urologic ultrasounds, biofeedback non-intrusive treatment, pelvic floor active recuperation just to give some examples. To plan a meeting with one of our subject matter experts,

Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital in Vadodara

Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital in Vadodara is one of the top superspeciality clinics lately which is promptly liked by individuals in view of the superior nature of administrations gave. Clinical science has quickly progressed thus has the treatment methods.

At Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital, we actually take advantage of the trend setting innovation for giving first class treatment offices to the patients. We utilize great gear and apparatuses so the nature of treatment offered is never compromised at any expense.

A Super Specialty Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, known for its greatness in basic medicines like Cardiac, Renal, Orthopedics, Dental, Oncology, Trauma, Diabetes, and so on with Advanced Robotics innovation and medical procedures.

At Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, says following urological tasks are performed regularly with incredible outcomes;

Extremist prostatectomy

Extremist cystectomy and urinary redirection

Incomplete nephrectomy

Kidney transplantation


Ureteric reimplantation


Retroperitoneal and inguinallyphnodes analyzation.

Bladder diverticulectomy.

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