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Endoscopic Color Atlas of Ear Diseases is a first edition comprehensive review of common
ear diseases. The pictorial narrative of more than 250 photographs includes variations of
normal otoscopic anatomy. Khan and Parab use minimum prose and preface each section
with a brief overview of pathogenesis and tympanic membrane morphology accompanied by
references for the interested reader to pursue in other sources. It is clear that the atlas is
intended to supplement rather than replace more comprehensive otoscopic atlases.
This text is a valuable resource for residents seeking a basic tour of endoscopic pathology in
otologic disease processes. Deeper discussion of pathogenesis in select areas would have
bolstered the utility of this photo atlas. Sufficient explanation of pathology is provided in
each introductory section, and normal-anatomy section is equally important to orient the
David Conrad , MD
John Bent, MD
Bronx, New York

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