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MCI AGAIN RESORTED WITH NEW CHAIRMAN AND BOARD OF GOVERNORS;---------                                     


              Our Government of day as per advise of Mr.Gulam Nabi Azad,health Minister has brough an ordinace and passed by Cabinet ministers Board and appointed Board of Governors to run PRESENT MCI FOR 06 MONTHS more under leadership of  ex-DGHS Mr.R.k.Srivastava  to head of Board of Governors replacing previous Chief Dr.k.k.Talwar under whose tenure two Board members want to quit MCI and Two General Secretaries removed placing one IPS officer on this post against rules,laws and regulation of MCI act as it is MEDICAL COUNCIL INSPECTING AND MAINTAINING MEDICAL WORKS and standard,so a person having no study of Medicine cannot do justice with the post except obeying order of non medical Health minister's and Bureaucrats of health Ministary and other government Department as a doctor cannot regulate law and order,a work of police or adminstrator similiarly a Police officer or adminstrator cannot run a Medical regulation institution.but corruption being so open and leaders and executive donot care for any remark by  media or general people or any media sting operation and even donot pay heed to Supreme court remark and donot fear any thing as they know any enquiry by any body even CBI will be either stopped or manipulated as it is TOTA OF GOVERNMENT even under Spreme Court direct observation till they keep their Political Boss and PMO happy they remain earn crores.

                               on the incidence of Dr.ketan Desai ,our great Helath minister disqualified whole elected MCI when he became chief of MCI indirectly  and then selected Board of Governors by himself on self satisfication without any laid down criteria.It is said that The system earned  crores by granting opening of many new Medical colleges and increasing PG SEATS in many meical colleges which donot have enough infrastructure to run even a MBBS course and added quota of taking 250 students where previously 50 seat quota for MBBS  was present.

                             These college sell one MBBS SEAT openly on doantion of 20-30 lakhs ,the test conducted by them is never transparent ,fabricated and fictitious and they admit all students taking name of Management quota seats and even charge Rs.4-8 lakh as annual fee beside hostel and other fee,it is known to every body but as commission is passed to every body and it is in crores so many  are earning without any fear of any enquiry,any court order as shown in few sting opearion and media reporting.similiarly PG seats are sold in 1 crore to 4 crore,diploma for donation of 60-70 lakhs,imagine how a medical college with few buildings erected,soclled  a campus started and hiring retired teachers with a vaccant hospital earns crores in one session,THIS IS THE BEST CORRUPTED BUSINESS IN INDIA TODAY where by taking MCI in hand Government and executives might earning crores of rupees in open day light .PG SEATS has bben distributed without good enquiry and inspection in relity,only filled up blans on paper or formalities completed leading to crores of earning and business.

                    Here our studoious but poor student donot dream to read MBBS OR doing any PG as Government has sold all seats through these fake medical colleges to rich students who should not be allowed to do a simple science graduation ,what to talk of doing MBBS OR MD ,MS.

                  As Parliament was not functioning and these board members term was finished on 13th May so through back door passing ordinace a new Board elected where favorite of Mr.Azad has been made chairman without any criteria ,so that everything goes as per desire till next election comes,this Board has four new members Raja Babu Panwar, Vice-Chancellor, Rajasthan Health University; B K Rao, former chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and current chairman at Gangaram’s Critical Care Unit; A K Bardan, a West Bengal-based cardiologist and Manoj Singh, Professor of Pathology at AIIMS, New Delhi.two retained old loyal members are  Kailash Sharma of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai and K Mohan Das, Vice-Chancellor, Kerala University as reported by PTI.

                    PTI states Government has promised that they will work for 06 months only and then election will be held and again democracy will be stored in MCI by electing members from every State through STATE MCI as previously it was present.

                    Question which is circulating in general people that present Government knows very well that after 06 months elections for lok Sabha will be declared so they cannot do anything after this period even the loyal Board Governors will change their side and will trun to new Health Minister .If Prsent Helath Minister so serious of  Democracy ,why he dissolved whole MCI when its president was only corrupt,here two secretaries removed too why MCI WHOLE NOT DISSOLVED?SUCH CORRUPTION WAS COMMON IN DENTAL COUNCIL,NURSING COUNCIL BUT WHY THEY WERE NOT DISSOLVED?WHAT GOVERNMENT WAS DOING FOR SO MANY YEARS -WHY DEMOCRACY NOT RESTORED THEN AFTER KILLING DEMOCRACY ,NOW MINISTER IS THINKING RETURNING DEMOCRACY AFTER 06 MONTHS WHEN HE BEING MINISTER REMAIN QUESTION TOO.SIR,PEOPLE UNDERSTNAD EVERY THING .

                   Hope these new Board of Governors instead of being TOTA of health minister will have some spine to work on their mental ability and purety like MR.Binod Rai our ex CAG and will ask Private Medical college to maintain good infrastructures for teaching MBBS and PG seats for which they have been given licenses and will conduct their examinations for entrance in mBBS and PG seats free and transparent accessible under RTI so that a common poor student can dream to read Medicine in his country on the basis of his /her talent rather than on payment,MCI knows every thing ,they know on present criteria many private colleges should be shut as they are open shop selling MBBS DEGREE ,MD,MS DEGREE to quacks AND WHERE SOCIETY WILL GO WHEN SUCH QUACKS WILL TREAT US AFTER GETING LICENSE OF KILLING US.SO PLEASE LISTEN VOICE OF YOUR SOUL.LEAVE GREEDNESS OF EARNING MONEY AND STOP GIVING DEGREE TO SUCH QUACKS AND PEIRMISSION TO THESE NEW OR OLD MEDICAL COLLEGES which purchased everything by money,even now Supreme court was also helpful for them as considered their fake examinations as correct one and freed them not to consider NEET exam mandatory where CAT OR JEE OR IIT EXAMINATIONS are binding on all Institutions of our country but as there is lying crores of rupees so openly in THIS MEDICAL BUSINESS so who will close such BIG MALLS ,here no justice should be expected by a common person of our country as AAM ADMI has no right of living in our country WHETHER IN HEALTH ,EDUCATION,SPORT, AMUSEMENT,PROPERTY,SOCIAL WELL BEING OR ANY SECTOR CORRUPTION IS SO RAMPANT THAT IT MAY DIGEST OUR DEMOCRACY TOO.

            Our Minister was so helping democracy then he should dare to bring ordinance for fair conduction of entrance examinations of Private Medical Colleges for MBBS AND PG COURSES and should make NEET examinations result binding for every Medical College if country binding,no state,minority,private,religion quota should be considered and should challenge SUPREME COURT ORDER in review board and should pass ordinance so that never order against common poor student is passed who has every right of getting education on the basis of his/her talent.

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