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  1. 1)     The end of birth is death. The end of death is eye donation.

    2)    Nothing is just coincidence, every Eye donation in human beings life’s garden bear’s significance.

    3)    Stop foeticide-Let them live. Start eye donation let them see.

    4)    Nothing is impossible—Eye donation is also possible.

    5)    Dump your ‘I’ not your “EYE”, donate it.

    6)    T0 have Love for God is to Love humanity—so donate eye for Blind person.

    7)    Sometimes Eye donation can be like a drop of water in a desert to the blind.

    8)    To achieve vision for all by 2020 donate eyes for therapeutic use.

    9)    The only Precious gift one can give after death is eye.

    10)                       Every thing is possible in Love and War—To restore vision to the blind person, Eye donation is also possible.




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