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Surrogacy to assists intended parents
Since 2002, when the practice was legalized, India has come to be renowned for yet another factor, i.e., "surrogacy tourism".

Gestational surrogacy is helping couples have their own babies, many times biologically related, when one of the partners of the couples are infertile or have other related problems. A gestational surrogate mother is hired or contracted usually in this form of surrogacy.

The desire to procreate is a very fundamental attribute of the human race. Sadly though, many are denied the joy of parenthood due to several reasons, biological or otherwise. With the developments in reproductive sciences and technologies the barriers to parenthood are no longer as formidable as they once were.

There are a lot of Indian couples that benefit from fertility clinics around India. For those who cannot conceive, there are surrogate mothers for hire. One of Indiaís A-list actors Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao are one of the prominent people to have had babies via surrogacy.But not everyone in India can afford to bear the costs of availing this facility.

Australian, American and UK couples and singles are paying to overseas surrogates to fulfill their dreams of having a family, some risking jail in doing so, fuelling calls for surrogacy laws in Australia to be overhauled.

New figures indicate the number of Australian couples travelling overseas - to India, the United States to have children through surrogacy has tripled in three years.

According to Surrogacy Australia, a Melbourne-based advocacy group for parents using surrogacy, a survey of 14 surrogacy agencies overseas this year found the number of babies born on behalf of Australians jumped from 97 in 2009 to 269 last year. Already, 254 Australian surrogate babies have been born this year, the group says.

Official figures show only 19 children were born in Australia last year under regulated altruistic surrogacy arrangements, in which the surrogate mother offers her services free but the intended parents pay medical costs.

Desperate couples felt they had no choice but to head overseas because surrogacy was such a legal "nightmare" in Australia.

Many childless couples are seeking surrogacy deals in India, where the number of Australian babies born to surrogates leapt from 47 in 2009 to 179 last year, according to the survey.

"For many parents, the prospect of having their child kept from them is so terrifying, few are willing to take the risk"

"It is a common misconception that surrogacy is for rich people too busy to have kids. That couldn't be further from the truth. So many of our parents have tried for years through IVF and adoption, and are desperate."

Some gestational surrogacy programs even help gay couples to have children of their own and have the children related to them biologically. Generally, the gay couple has to prove that they are committed to their relationship, for their application to be approved.

The romance between India and gay / LGBT tourists is growing and, cashing in on the interest, many Indian and international gay travel agencies are keenly pursuing the market by organising surrogacy packages and special deals to cater to this niche segment.

India is slowly but surely catching up on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) travel radar as a preferred destination due to its culture, spirituality, awesome destinations and history and latest to create a gay family.

Surrogacy in India - Surrogate mothers in India

Seeking surrogacy is by no means an easy decision both emotionally and financially, no matter how compelling the reason to seek it may be. Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction. The term surrogacy is used when a woman carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for another woman or person.Couples who undergo fertility treatments can relate to their struggles ó the steep financial costs when science must aid nature, the years spent considering the many options from international adoption, fostering children with the hope of adoption before finally deciding on surrogacy.Journey gets further complicated when the parents are two gay men.At each step, new roadblocks ó legal, emotional and societal ó appears.

Same-Sex Parenting, Gay Surrogacy, Same-Sex Surrogacy clinics India:
You can get in touch with One such Gay Friendly surrogacy clinic in India, offering customized surrogacy and affordable surrogacy packages Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction. They offer Gestational Surrogacy in India to people of all nationalities. All couples including lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood.

Surrogacy programs in India are as successful as any other good program in the world, with strict screening of egg donors and confidentiality maintained. Low cost surrogacy in India makes it possible even for single men, who are not super-rich, to start a family.

For more information about Gay Surrogacy IVF Fertility Treatment please visit

Start creating your family today by contacting them and Please fill in your details on their websites at or or or simply a phone call at +91 22 2655 2000 or +91 22 26405000 or Call them from UK on:44-2080997519,Call them from USA on:1-714-2740122

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10 Suggestions to find good Fertility Clinic India
Infertile couples face an overwhelming situation when they begin the process of creating or adding to their family. It is at this time that they start looking out for fertility specialists or fertility clinics that will help them to achieve parenthood in the difficult journey of infertility.

Fertility clinics are staffed medical clinics that assist couples, and sometimes individuals, who want to become parents but for medical reasons have been unable to achieve this goal via the natural course. Clinics apply a number of diagnosis tests and sometimes very advanced medical treatments to obtain the desired conceptions and pregnancies.

Fertility clinics are staffed with highly trained personnel including Reproductive Endocrinologists, Embryologists, Sonographers, and Nurses. Additional specialists from Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, and Nutrition may also be part of the team.

Fertility Clinics look to both males and females for diagnosis of fertility problems. Treatment may include ovulation induction, surgical interventions, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, the use of an egg donor or a sperm donor or surrogacy treatments and the availability of surrogate mother.In vitro fertilisation is the most well known of the assisted reproductive technology procedures performed at a fertility clinic.

When a couple is trying to conceive without using any contraceptives for more than a year without success, it may be time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist for an evaluation. The first question that comes to mind is how to select a doctor or a fertility clinic? Normally a couple takes the help of friends, relatives, other infertile couple who has taken treatment previously, Internet, Yellow Pages and more simple way is to find out on their own by doing some exercise like finding out the doctorís qualification, training, skills and most important his/her experience in field of fertility treatment.

One must also see the timing of the institute, their professionalism, appointment on time, their progress, management, last but not the least their fees structure. Once you decide about the doctor, a proper counseling, investigation has to be done to check the cause of infertility. Knowing the exact cause can set you on the right path of treatment.

Advanced reproductive technology (such as IVF treatment) can be expensive, can involve strong drugs or hormones and can be an emotional roller coaster. When it comes to choosing a clinic, do thorough research ahead of time. Also, ask a lot of questions of every fertility clinic you're considering.

Following are few suggestions or guidelines one must take into account while selecting fertility specialist or fertility clinic.

How long has the medical director been there working with the clinic? How long have the doctors and technicians been there? High staff turnover can be a big red flag for many reasons. It can mean bad management from a practice perspective, which can contribute to mistakes that can make or break your cycle. Carefully gather all the details about the concerned doctor. Know about educational background and his or her experience in the field. Personal meeting with the fertility expert will help you judge a doctor's personality and establish an equation of trust and comfort which is essential in the personal & intimidating process that one has to undergo at the clinic.


Success rate: success rate of fertility center is a major part to consider that centre for treatment.


Institute where couple wants to take treatment should be easy to locate and how easily it will fit into your life. The clinic near to your residence will save time and cost in travelling.


Use of advanced technologies and latest research discoveries can work wonders for certain case files. Be sure the clinic has a wide range of infertility remedies available and is familiar with the latest technology. Know whether the fertility clinic has its own IVF laboratory and other facilities like blood, urine tests and ultrasound scans.


Is there any age limits for treatment? If so, it's a sign that the clinic is concerned about ethical issues. Ideally, each clinic should treat its patients on a case-by-case basis instead of approaching patients on the general termed basis.


Discuss with clinic about the cost of treatment. Do they offer money-back guarantee? Are they part of shared risk program? If you don't get pregnant - the doctor may have a financial incentive to treat you more aggressively than you want. Itís important that you know the costs ahead of time so that there are no surprises along the way. Ask for a printed cost sheet that details every single procedure outlined, from donor egg retrieval through the transfer of embryos into the patientís uterus. Donít forget to ask about ultrasound costs, lab costs, extra office visits, and the cost of after-hours calls if needed. Beware of clinics that offer a money-back guarantee if you don't get pregnant - the doctor may have a financial incentive to treat you more aggressively than you want.


Know how does clinic communicates with their patients. Is it primarily by telephone or e-mail? Will patients have access to doctorís e-mail address or mobile no.? In case of emergency does clinic provide 24X7 emergency services? Know whether clinic offers online consultation to the national and international patients. Can treatment procedures be done on weekends? Is the clinic open every day including weekends and bank holidays?


If you call the clinic and they say they're too busy to answer your questions, try elsewhere. They may not have time for your questions once you're a registered patient, either.


The important point to remember is to inquire whether fertility centre has the facility of providing egg donor and whether they have the sperm bank. It is important to ask whether a clinic has any freezing and storage facilities so that any spare embryos collected can be used in any possible further treatments that may be needed in the future. Find out how many embryos will be transferred at a time into the uterus. Transfer of more than two or three embryos will increase the risk of multiple births.


Inquire with the clinic about other resources they may provide, including counseling or support groups, acupuncture, and other non-medical support.

Keep in mind that clinic which has higher IVF cost and success rate is the only one catering quality treatment; instead clinic which is well organized and has expert doctors and medical facilities is the better one. You should also consider the feeling and experience you have with the clinic. The physician should be kind, caring and compassionate and must be willing to be part in your journey. So, IVF clinics must be the ones, which, not only assures you of efficiency but it does gets shown in the action as well.

Contact for Fertility Treatment India,Affordable IVF Infertility Surgery,IVF Treatment, Infertility Clinic India,IVF Clinic Mumbai,India,Rotunda Fertility Clinic Phone: +91 22 26390044 or +91 22 26390088 or or or email at

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No family is complete without the children's. Once you decide you want to expand your family, the life around you will start changing. From the moment you decide to become a parent, your world will be forever altered. For couples who have got fertility issues, single parents, gay parents and lesbian parents, Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) has given them the chance to enjoy the journey of parenthood through IVF, surrogacy and egg donation. Gay surrogacy is the simple and most feasible solution for gay couples to enjoy parenthood.

Adoption and surrogate parenting are the only two options available for gay male parents to perceive the journey of parenthood.Adoption offers a couple the opportunity to give a baby who already exists, a loving home that the child may not have otherwise enjoyed.Surrogacy is an option for gay men who wish to have a biological connection to their child. In a gestational surrogacy arrangement, one or more embryos would be created in an IVF cycle, using donor eggs and the individual or coupleís sperm.Surrogacy offers a couple the option to be biologically related to the child, to cause this particular genetic child to come into existence, to actively participate in the pregnancy and to be recognized on the original birth certificate as the legal parent of the child.

Egg donation and gestational surrogate mother are the important terms in the whole process of gay surrogacy. The considerations in choosing an egg donor completely differ from a surrogate. Because egg donors make genetic contribution, so typically a lot of traits such as physical aspects and intelligence that are known to be hereditary are considered. The following considerations should be taken into account before gay parents start their journey of parenthood.


Gay men may use a known egg donor (a friend or relative will to donate her eggs to you or your partner) or an anonymous donor from an egg donation or Surrogacy agency. The process and preparation needed for egg donation is more involving and includes cost of the healthcare, screening process, egg extraction, and agency fees. The process of IVF Cycle will be dealt differently. There are always pros and cons in selecting an anonymous egg donor and a known egg donor. The physical traits of an egg donor does influence the personality and looks of the child and that is why the profiles of egg donors are thoroughly checked for medical background, genetic disease, family history, physical traits, professional information, philosophical views and more.

Apart from that, donation is often anonymous and confidential so there is no personal relation involved with donor.


Selection of the Surrogate mother is one of the crucial steps of this journey to parenthood. Intended parents have to be very careful in selection of surrogate mother. Before a surrogate mother is selected, complete analysis is done of her medical details, emotional details, economical details, family & personal details, criminal background and surgical history. Other points which are needed or are considered includes that surrogate mother must be married, should have clean fertility record, should have atleast one normal, uncomplicated, full term delivery, should be in the age group of 20-35 years, not using tobacco or liquor, and should be living healthy lifestyle. Before any treatment is started she must complete a thorough medical evaluation by an experienced Reproductive Endocrinologist, complete psychological evaluation by a clinical psychologist, and review and sign contracts with intended parents. It is equally important to make it sure that both intended parents are screened for infectious diseases and all other test along with surrogate.

The day you are ready with egg donor and the surrogate mother, your crucial decision making part is over. Now it is the infertility specialists job to carry out the IVF treatment and bring your baby to the world. Gay parents must make sure to cover all the legal grounds for surrogacy arrangement. A sound surrogacy and surrogate contract with no loopholes is the must. As intended parents make sure you seek legal counseling to understand your rights and make sure your rights are well-protected in your legal agreement. In case if gay couple has opted for surrogacy abroad or surrogacy overseas,You must find out prevailing laws in your own country or from your respective consulate in the country where you intend to start surrogacy process to facilitate and expedite the process for you to carry your baby back to your hometown.

Not last but the least, gay parents must consider the option of embryo freezing for the embryos that are not used in the first IVF attempt.Plan for the future. The same embryos can be used for repeated IVF cycles or for next pregnancy. After all these process the intended gay parents must prepare themselves to embrace the Proud parenting moments and the new life they are bringing to this world. If you have chosen surrogacy abroad then start planning for your leave so that you can remain present at the time of the birth of your child. Start preparing for all your paperwork for surrogacy pregnancy and taking your child back home.

The lives of many gay couples, who were once forced to keep their relationships in darkness, have now been illuminated with freedom. Parenting is now a subject of discussion for gay couples. More gay couples are opting for surrogacy to experience the joy of parenthood.

Becoming a proud parent with the help of Third Party Reproduction involves a considerable financial and emotional investment. The gay surrogacy treatment cost is very economical in India as compared to the cost involved in European countries.The best medical facility and the use of latest technology in the treatment aided by renowned team of doctors and the well trained clinic staff has made India the favorable for surrogacy journey.

Rotunda offers surrogacy to people of all nationalities. We are an LGBT friendly clinic and offer surrogacy services to same sex couples. We also offer surrogacy to single parents.We were founded on one simple principle, to provide our clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy and egg donation industry at an affordable price.

Now everyone can have baby, Everyone can Start Creating Families,Through Surrogacy and be a proud parent today by contacting us and Please fill in your details on our websites at or or or simply a phone call at +91 22 2655 2000 or +91 22 26405000

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Embryo adoption latest trend IVF India.
Embryo adoption is the newest method of family-building, which combines assisted reproductive technology with adoption,so that instead of adopting a baby,infertile couples adopt an embryo.

What is embryo adoption?

Embryo adoption is the newest method of family-building,which combines assisted reproductive technology with adoption,so that instead of adopting a baby,infertile couples adopt an embryo.

Welcome to an assisted reproduction technique that is fast gaining popularity in a world where fewer children are available for donation,and adoption norms are getting more stringent.Not surprisingly,this method is called embryo adoption or embryo donation,depending on which side one looks at it from.

With availability of better infertility treatment techniques, embryo adoption/donation is becoming popular of late across the world.In the US alone,where embryo adoption is about a decade old, over 1,000 babies have been born using this method.

"Adopting an embryo allows a woman,who is infertile, to experience motherhood,complete with labour pains, as against rearing an adopted child," says another infertility expert.

Today being a single mother or father without a fancy income, it is impossible to adopt child now a days,when most part of the world have made very strict and stringent terms and condition for adoption.

What does egg and embryo donation involve?what is the embryo donation process?

Egg and embryo donation are types of fertility treatment used to help couples to conceive.

Egg donation is when eggs from a donor are fertilised with your partnerís sperm in a laboratory dish. The resulting embryos are then transferred to your uterus (womb).

Embryo donation is an option if you and your partner require both egg and sperm donation, or if you are a single woman who cannot use your own eggs. Embryos are usually donated by couples who have successfully had their baby or babies from IVF and who want to help other couples.

Advantages of Donor Egg or embryo Adoption IVF Treatment

The advantages of donor egg IVF are simply its high chances of success. In fact, donor egg IVF has¬ a much higher success rate when compared to IVF with non-donor. It is the age of the egg that seems to matter more than the womb in which it is planted. By receiving the egg, the recipient replicates in her body the donorís fertility condition.

Donor Egg IVF in India

India has the advanced infrastructure and qualified fertility specialists required for donor egg IVF treatment. Itís the low cost of donor egg IVF in India that has made it a favorite with couples looking to have babies. Indiaís medical tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds because of the quality medical care it offers at unbelievable prices.

Please do keep in mind that donor eggs available in India are only of Indian ethnicity. But people from overseas visiting India for surrogacy or egg donor IVF can always bring an egg donor with them from their country of origin.

Donor egg IVF in India has brought sunshine into the homes of many a childless couple. So go ahead and get some sunshine for yourself!

Thus Embryo Adoption is simply the adoption of frozen embryos donated by another couple.These embryos are frozen and are a source of hope for others who want to add children to their family. There are now more than 600,000 embryos in frozen storage in the United States: a 54% increase over the previous census in 2002. More couples are choosing to donate embryos. Embryo adoption is a viable and affordable adoption choice.

The process of embryo adoption is suitable for following prospective intended parents.

1. Couples and singles who are per-disposed to adoption as a way of bringing a familyís love to a child in need.
2. Couples who are infertile.
3. Concerned couple is at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to offspring.
4. Had recurrent IVF failures.
5. If You are looking for an alternative to fertility treatments such as IVF or donor egg recipient IVF.
6. ARE unable to afford IVF or other methods of treatment.
7. Unable to carry to term full pregnancy.
8. Those who do not wish to go through the expensive and emotionally exhausting process of adopting a newborn.

Now couples can fulfill their desire for a family, give birth to the very child they adopted as a tiny, frozen embryo and ensure that a precious life is preserved at the same time.

Is surrogacy different from embryo adoption and donation?

Yes, in surrogacy, an agreement is made for embryos to be transferred into a womanís uterus, and she carries the pregnancy for the benefit of the infertile couple. The intended parents or the infertile couples are specifically making embryos in vitro for placement into the surrogate using either their own genetics or purchases donor genetics.Compare that to embryo adoption and donation, where the adopting mother herself carries the child or children. The placing couple relinquishes their rights to any children born from the embryos prior to the transfer of those embryos into the adoptive motherís womb. The
child that the adopting mother carries and gives birth to is the child that she and the adopting father will parent. In simple words in surrogacy, a woman carries a pregnancy for the benefit of the infertile couple. In embryo adoption, the child that the couple carries is the child that they will parent.

Why is this called adoption?

Firstly, like traditional adoption, the couple who adopts the embryo has no genetic connection to it. In addition, embryo donation offers an altruistic use for surplus embryos, just like adoption meets the needs of both the adoptive family, and the unwanted child.

Embryo adoption is an alternative for infertile couples who need egg or sperm donation.The best results with embryo adoptions are with fresh embryo adoptions, which are done with a Donor Egg IVF Program. Embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to be pregnant, to bond with their child prior to birth, and to give birth. In addition, embryo adoption may be much more affordable than traditional adoption in the countries like the US. Also in India, certain groups such as Christians and Muslims cannot adopt. Embryo adoption can be an extremely attractive option for them. Embryo adoption is an alternative for infertile couples who need egg or sperm donation.

At Rotunda Clinic in India, we handle embryo donation like a closed adoption. There is absolutely no contact between the donor couple and the recipients, who never see each other. The recipient couple does not even need to inform their obstetrician that they achieved their pregnancy through embryo adoption! Unlike traditional adoption, the couple does not have to go through a legal process to adopt, but do so through medical treatment.

All Appointments are scheduled according to your convenience at Rotunda Fertility clinic,Embryo Adoption Clinics.

You can contact for further assistance at or or or email at or simply a phone call at +91 22 2655 2000 or +91 22 26405000.

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