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Dr. Vinay Mehta's Profile
Special Message:
Can call anytime for a Dental emergency. Clinic at Rohini and Vikaspuri
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Dr. Vinay Mehta
Male, 46 Years from New Delhi, Delhi, India
Practice Details:
Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!Our clinic is for the people like you.....we work with ethics and treat our patients with empathy. I am Dr Vinay Mehta and I am into Private Practice from last 13 years. We have a team of Doctors from all specialities of Dentistry namely Endodontics(RCT), Oral Surgery, Orthodontics(Braces), Periodontia(Gums surgery), cosmetic Dentistry, Implants etc. Apart from this almost all kind of routine dental procedures are being done at our centre namely cosmetic fillings, RCT(Single or Multiple sittings), dentures, Crown & Bridge, Extractions, Bleaching, Scaling & Polishing, X-Rays etc.
These procedures are being done with utmost care and sterile environment. Seeing the number of crossinfections which is increasing day by day a strict sterlization protocol is being followed.
Our charges are very competitive and promise to give you the best.
Must visit our centre to encourage us and give your valuable suggestion........
Specialty:Dentistry | Dentistry
Years of Practice:13
Location:New Delhi, Delhi, India
Zip Code:110018
Year of Birth:1974
Age:46 Years
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Dr Gunjan Mehta
Spouse's Occupation:Working
Spouse's Age:44 Years
Number of Children:2
Languages Known:
English (UK), Hindi, Punjabi
Hobbies & Interests:
Badminton, Listening music, Movies and Cooking

Qualification & Degree
1 BDS, MDPFI, MIDA, M R Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore, Bangalore, 1997
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
All Care Dental & Implant Centre
GG-1/141B, 1st floor, PVR Main Road, Vikaspuri
Days Available:
All days except Thursday evening and sunday
9:30am-1:00pm and 5;00pm -8:30pm
Contact Number(s):
28546131, 9811363831
Clinic Name:
All Care Dental & Implant Centre
G-29/112, Sec-3, Rohini
(Behind Mother Divine Public School)
Days Available:
All days
9:30am-1:00pm and 5;00pm -8:30pm
Contact Number(s):
27510289, 9868108837
Affiliations With Associations
Vice President North Delhi IDA
Asst Secretary Dental Practitioners Forum of India(DPFI)
Facilities Available
All Dental Procedures are done including minor dental surgeries. Facilities include:
RCT(Root Canal treatment)
crown & Bridge
Dentures-Complete and Partial
Scaling & Polishing
Cosmetic Fillings
Other Cosmetic procedures
Orthodontic Treatment(Braces)
X Rays
many other dental procedures
Specialization Glossary
RCT, Implants, Composite fillings, Bleaching, Scaling, Crown & Bridge, Dentures, Orthodontic Treatment, Braces , Treatment Options , Age to bring in a child, Most children are brought in to see a dentist between age 3 and age 4, Younger than that, and they generally will not be able to sit for the visit, If you can bring the child in with you (if you are a parent) you can let them see you having your teeth cleaned and perhaps the dentist can count their teeth and let them have a pleasant first visit (instead of waiting until they have a toothache), BLEACHING:::, Teeth can often be whitened by the several new techniques of "bleaching" available today, The most common methods used are the "in-office" method where a strong bleaching agent is placed over the isolated teeth and a special light is used to assist the bleaching material lighten the teeth, This method is generally more controlled and probably better for people who have tetracycline stains or streaks on their teeth, The "home" techniques involve making trays which fit into the mouth and these are then filled with bleaching materials, When worn for a few hours a day, noticeable results are seen generally within a few days to a couple weeks, Results vary from individual to individual and it is probably best to check with your dentist to help decide which method works best for you, Some of the factors involved include the intensity of the stains, whether or not you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth as well as what may have caused the stains, BRACES::::, Braces are put on teeth to help correct rotated teeth, too large of spaces, crowding or misalignment of teeth, Newer techniques today allow for wire frames to be worn that can spread open the arch if it is too small, or pull one side of the jaw to correct for overlap on one side only, In addition, clear brackets and brackets that can be bonded inside the teeth are making braces a good option for many adults today, COMPOSITES::::, Composite or white plastic fillings, are used when esthetics is a concern, While the currently available materials used for composites are as strong as silver fillings on the chewing surfaces, they do excellently in the grooves, and dramatically lower the development of cavities, CROWNS:::::, Crowns are placed over a tooth when a large portion of the tooth is lost ot decay or has broken off, Usually when a filling is more than half of the size of the tooth, the tooth is weakened, If the filling would comprise a significant portion of the tooth, often the tooth can fracture under the stresses of chewing and therefore, placing a crown over the tooth protects the chewing surface and prevents that from happening, Crowns that are white are made of porcelain and are usually placed in areas of esthetic concern, Gold crowns might be placed in the molar region or when there is heavy grinding that might damage the opposing teeth, DENTURES:::::: Dentures are false teeth, They are typically made from impressions (molds) that are taken of the inside of the mouth and they are made of a type of plastic or porcelain that duplicates the shape, size and function of the teeth, IMPLANTS:::: Dental implants, simply put, are typically titanium posts that are imbedded into the jawbone and then plastic or porcelain teeth are placed over the portion of the implant that sticks out of the gums, They usually take several months to complete since the bone must fuse to the posts before any kind of pressure can be put on the implant itself, Nutrition and Dentistry, The more we learn about nutrition, the more that we believe that a good diet will promote a healthier lifestyle and healthier teeth, Especially if you are anticipating dental work, you might wish to increase your Vitamin C, since it aids with healing, During pregnancy, women should take extra care to eat right and brush regularly since the hormone changes can affect the susceptibility of the tissues to infection, ROOT CANAL TREATMENT::::, A root canal is typically done whenever the decay or injury to the tooth invades the inner part of the tooth where the pulp is, This is where the nerve and the blood supply are located, When a root canal is done, the inner portion of the pulp is removed, along with any infection that may have invaded the inside walls of the tooth, Then a sealer material is placed with a rubbery plastic to fill the hole so that new infection can't get into the tooth, Generally, by removing the root, it can potentially weaken a tooth and therefore, it is common to protect the integrity of the tooth by placing a crown over the tooth, Sealants, Sealants used to be considered for children's teeth only, Now we are finding that adults too, can benefit from sealants, Sealants are plastic coatings that are placed on the etched surface in the grooves of teeth-typically on the back molars and sometimes on pre-molars, It helps prevent sugars and bacteria from getting into those deep fissures and cause decay, Specialties of Dentistry, There are several recognized specialties of dentistry, Simply stated, these are the specialties: Endodontics is the treatment of root canals, Pedodontics is the treatment of children, Periodontics is the treatment of the gums, Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth, Oral Surgery is extracting teeth and jaw surgery, TMJ, The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) is a very unique and fragile joint, Because of the numbers of tendons, ligaments and muscles that are used to hold it in position, it is subject to trauma and stress, As a result, headaches, jaw soreness and and neckaches can all be related to problems related to the TMJ, Sometimes the small disc that separates the lower jawbone from the socket where it rests gets displaced and a bite splint may be used among other therapies to "reposition" the jaw into the proper alignment, Toothbrushes, Brushing after each meal or snack is a great way to prevent cavities, If your toothbrush is frayed at the ends, you should consider replacing it, Let your toothbrush air-dry in between uses so you don't get bacteria growing in it, Tap the water off and make sure you don't leave food or toothpaste on the brush, Never share a toothbrush with someone else and change it even more frequently if you have been sick
Clinical Interests
Root Canal Treatment(RCT), Cosmetic Dentistry, Crown & Bridge
Other Details
Consultancy Fees:100
Average Visitors Per Day:15
Emergency Number(s):9811363831

Dr. chaitanya rawal
Dr. Chaitanya Rawal - 01 Apr 2009
hi sir

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