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Interventional pain specialist in delhi india offers CT - guided / Ultrasound guided / Fluoroscope guided BACK PAIN & leg pain (SCIATICA) treatments including epidural steroids & OZONE injections both interlaminar & transforaminal /caudal epidural for LOW BACK PAIN , SCIATICA , Spine pain (SPONDYLITIS) & radiating radiculopathy pain or SCIATICA. Facet JOINT intrarticular & pericapsular medications including OZONE for low back pain due to its osteoarthritis / spine arthritis / SPONDYLITIS . Selective nerve root blocks of lumbar ( SCIATICA ) & cervical radiculopathy. Spine facet denervation or median branch neurotomy for low back pain/ lumbago. provocative discography for DISC DISEASES or disc problems / sciatica followed by best needed intra-discal therapy for slip disc/ prolapse disc ( PIVD) / disc hernia / degenerated disc or rupture disc including disc decompression / disc nucleoplasty / laser disc vaporisation / OZONE discectomy or ozonucleolysis / disc dekompressor debulking . Sacroiliac joint injection. Somatic nerve blocks. Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty for OSTEOPOROSIS SPINE FRACTURE with BACK PAIN. Knee, elbow, wrist, tendonitis ( tendon inflamation ), RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS injection treatment. management of herpes, trigeminal neuralgia & neuropathy of diabetes. Care for low back pain, NECK pain, Whiplash injury, SCIATICA ,leg pain, cramps knee pain , arm, shoulder pain ,bone pains of various aetiology & migraine & tension or cervicogenic HEADACHE ,abdomen pain /chest/interactable angina /trunk pains. SEX related pain , CANCER related pain treatment eg,celiac plexus block/ splanchnic neurolysis/ superior hypogastric plexus block/ intrathecal neurolysis/ brachial neurolysis, blocks for breast cancer& prostrate cancer / lung cancer / g.i. cancer / pelvic cancers, pituitary ablation for hormone dependent cancers. Sympathetic blocks for dystrophy (CRPS-complex regional pain syndromes 1&2)or vascular pains & hyperhidrosis also called as WET HANDS, TPI treatment for healing of muscle & body pain , fibromyalgia treatment ,for all kinds of NERVE PAIN or neuropathy , treatment of diabetes neuropathy , central or peripheral pain treatments. treatment of Acute or chronic pain syndromes. spinal implants (intrathecal pumps & spinal cord stimulation leads implants ) for non responding pains , interactable pains , CANCER pains & FBSS (failed back surgery syndrome). comprehensive therapy for CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS OR LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS & spinal canal / nerve root canal stenosis. chemical neurolysis & BOTOX injection treatment for spastic muscle diseases like spastic spinal / cerebral palsy & BOTOX chemodenervation for hyperhidrosis.
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