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Dr.M.S.Venkatesh is currently the professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery at a reputed Medical College at Bangalore.He is also a Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at some of the most prestigious Hospitals of,Bangalore.He runs his own clinic at 2nd Block Jayanagar:”Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic”

Dr.M.S.Venkatesh happens to be the leading Cosmetic Surgeon of Bangalore city,a city which is growing at an enormous pace in terms of development and modernisation.

Today Bangalore is a global city with people not only from all over the Country but also from various parts of the Globe inhabiting in this beautiful city.

Cosmetic surgery has become the buzzword of the plastic surgery industry today and Dr.M.S.Venkatesh is the foremost among the Plastic surgeons to take up this vital aspect of Plastic surgery into his practice.

Today Dr.M.S.Venkatesh is the most sought after Cosmetic Surgeon of Bangalore city and he has patients from various parts of the Country and the globe as his esteemed clients.

The phenomenal success of his Cosmetic body procedures are compiled on his blogs and website with links to some of the most fabulous and informative videos on cosmetic body procedures performed by Dr.M.S.Venkatesh.

Dr.M.S.Venkatesh trained at the prestigious K.E.M.Hospital and Seth G.S.Medical College Mumbai and has a very special interest in Cosmetic Surgery
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