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Dr. Saurabh Ranjan's Profile
Dr. Saurabh Ranjan
Male, 34 Years from Begusarai, Bihar, India
Practice Details:
MBBS Internship (2011-2012)
Years of Practice:0
Location:Begusarai, Bihar, India
Zip Code:851101
Year of Birth:1987
Age:34 Years
Marital Status:Single
Languages Known:
English (UK)
Hobbies & Interests:
I am currently pursuing my medical internships(MBBS).
Wish to handle Cardiology departments in future after finishing my Residency in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Jayant Shah - 16 Mar 2011
Dr Sauabh has mentioned the Government\'s EPI Immunization Time Table. However, there are many more vaccines that are recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics. The details are on its website. The main additions are MMR- 2 doses- at 15mo and 5 yr; DT is not recommended, Td and Tdap are also recommended( see website), Hepatitis A, Chickenpox, Injectable Polio vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine are also very useful and I strongly recommend that one should immunize our loved ones with all these if one can afford them.
Mrs. Dr Jyoti parekh
Mrs. Dr Jyoti Parekh - 15 Mar 2011
Exellent work. What you have written is very practical and written in simple language. Keep it up.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2011
1. BCG @ BIRTH or @ 6 weeks age 2. OPV @ BIRTH AND @ 6 @ 10 @ 14 WEEKS AGE 3. DPT @ 6 @ 10 @14 WEEKS AG... Read More
Wednesday, 2nd March 2011
MEASLES. I wish to enlighten n empower masses on basic medical illnesses so that common ppl can ensure minimal loss of work days ,arising out of those illnesses.U must be aware of symptoms so tat u c... Read More
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