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Hijama (Cupping) - Prophetic medicine & the treatment of old Chinese which purifies the blood.
SUJOK - The Miraculous Korian Therapy which gives sudden result.
Classical (Indian) Acupuncture - A natural way of treatment based on pulse diagnosis & Five element principle which also known as One Touch Therapy.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - A very effective remedy for Psychosomatic Disorders, Phobias etc.
All These Alternative therapies are drugless and free from any side effects. It only accelerates the natural healing process of the body... More over, its reliable and economical !!
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Sujok - Hand and foot Acupressure
Happy to know that my article regarding the 'quick remedy to common head ache' has been helped a lot of people to find an easy solution for head ache. Thank you for the doctors and other people who were tried it out successfully. Some of my friends asked me to give explain : " How it works". According to Sujok, the Acu pressure points related to the head is located on our thumb. When we apply a tight rubber band on our thumb, it restricts the blood circulation to the fingure tip and it helps to solve our head ache as a remote control helps us to control the Television or AC. There are a lot of pressure points situated in our hands and foot which corresponds to different organs, and stimulation of these points will help us to solve the problems related to these organs.

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Head Ache - Quick Relief
Common Head Ache struggles each of us occasionally without any specific reason. We used to take pain killers to get relief, which in turn damages our liver and other internal organs. Here I am discussing an easy way to get rid of “Common Head Ache” and this remedy is based on SUJOK Acupressure Therapy (A Fast Spreading Korean Treatment). Take a rubber band and tie it tightly on our right thumb (just above the bottom line of the nail). Keep it for 2 minutes. After two minutes remove the rubber band. Your Head Ache must have gone or reduced. If it has not been completely gone, repeat this procedure on the left thumb also….. Are you ready for a tryout next time?

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