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Dr. Gholam Sarwar's Profile
Dr. Gholam Sarwar
Male, 42 Years from New Delhi, Delhi, India
Practice Details:
Dr. Gholam Sarwar, one of the best physiotherapist in Dwarka, Delhi, uses advanced technology and equipment to heal the pain of patients at his physiotherapy centre in Dwarka, Delhi.
Location:New Delhi, Delhi, India
Zip Code:110075
Year of Birth:1980
Age:42 Years
Website URL:

Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Dr Sarwar Physiotherapy Center
84A, Sector-6, Pocket -2, DDA Flats, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075
Contact Number(s):
+91-9891766118, 011 42015541
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Friday, 5th August 2022
Muscle contractures can affect the performance of the person who suffers from it, in this article we will talk about them and their treatment and prevention through physiotherapy in Dwarka. What is m... Read More
Friday, 29th July 2022
Osteoporosis is usually associated with bone aging, but currently, poor lifestyle habits also lead to the appearance of this disease. It usually occurs in women around the time of menopause. In this... Read More
Thursday, 21st July 2022
You know that sharp pain, that happens after an ankle sprain? An ankle sprain is a sudden movement, which leads to a strain or tear of ligaments in a joint. This type of sprain is the most common in... Read More
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