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Dr. Alampallam Venkatachalam's Profile
Dr. Alampallam Venkatachalam
Male, 63 Years from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Practice Details:
Consultant Orthopedic surgeon interest Joint replacements, key hole surgery, trauma
Years of Practice:28
Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Zip Code:600090
Birth Place:chennai
Year of Birth:1960
Age:63 Years
Marital Status:Married
Languages Known:
English (UK), Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 M.Ch Orth, University of Liverpool, Liverpool University, 1995
2 FRCS, Royal college of physicians & surgeons, Glasgow, UK, 1994
3 MS Orth, Central institute of Orthopaedics, Delhi university, 1992
4 DNB Orth, Central institute of Orthopaedics, National board of examinations, 1991
5 MBBS, Kilpauk medical college, Madras University, 1984
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Lifeline hospital
Rajiv Gandhi road, Perungudi
Days Available:
10 am to 1 pm
Contact Number(s):
91 44 42454500
Clinic Name:
Madras Joint Replacement center
27, 1st avenue, Besant nagar
Chennai, 600090
Days Available:
5 to 7 pm
Contact Number(s):
91 9176640002
Clinic Name:
Madras Joint Replacement Center clinic
27, 1st avenue, Besant nagar, Chennai
Days Available:
5 to 7 pm
Contact Number(s):
Affiliations With Hospitals
Lifeline hospital,
Chennai Meenakshi multis-peciality hospital
Clinical Interests
Joint replacements, arthroscopic surgery, Trauma
Achievements & Awards
Novosans medical travel excellence award
Other Details
Consultancy Fees:500 Rs
Revisit Charges:300

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