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Quality,Safety,excellence in clinical care
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Mr. Hung Siu Chun 09 May 2009 Hi Ayyappan, what a cool site to understand your excellent background and experience in plastic surgery.
When will you have a trip in HK or China? let me bring you to have fun in HK.

Mr. Sunny 09 May 2009 Hi Ayyappan, great to see your brilliant achivements!
Wish you have more happy and fruitful future!!

Dr. Zhang Ge 04 May 2009 Hi, Ayyappan,

Your web looks good! Take care!

Mr. Robert H. Bonner 30 Apr 2009 I am an American who fell ill and injured myself when I fainted while visiting Ahmedabad in 2007. Dr. Ayyappan cared for me and repaired my facial injuries. His work and care were truly world class. He repaired my facial injuries so that no one can tell I was ever injured. He fixed my broken nose so that it works better than ever. He did all of this while being, kind, attentive and entirely professional. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you!

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