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Tekchand Sidana Memorial Psychiatric Hospital And Deaddiction Centre's Profile
Tekchand Sidana Memorial Psychiatric Hospital And Deaddiction Centre
Hospital in Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India
Year of Establishment:1989
Location:Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India
Zip Code:335001

Introduction & Overview
Multi-speciality Hospital in Sri Ganganagar established for the last 15 years.
We have the following facilities.

Tek Chand Sidana Memorial Psychiatric Hospital & de-addiction Centre is

situated in Sri Ganganagar which is district headquarter located at the border of

Punjab & Haryana. At this centre with state of art facilities & dedicated staff we

are providing best possible care at affordable rates for the treatment of

psychiatric disorders and drug deaddiction.

The centre was established in 1989 as 10 bedded hospital with blessing of

Swami Brahamdev and inspiration and guidance by Dr. Shiv Gautam and

Dr.A.K.Kala .

In 1991 it was turned into 25 bedded hospital.In 1993,, services of clinical

psychologist were started here to provide facilities of psychological testing and

psychological treatment as psychotherapy, counseling etc. In 1994, first time in

Rajasthan, 16 channel EEG machine was established here. In 1997,

computerized EEG machine and biofeedback was established.

In 2002 hospital was again extended in 50 bedded hospital.Deluxe and AC

rooms were built to provide better facilities. Apart from this, meditation hall was

built in which with the help of Vishvas Meditation cassettes, meditation is being

practiced to keep patients and their attendants tension free .

Address:-1-B-4, Sukharia nagar Sri Ganganagar-(Raj.)335001
Recently the hospital was inspected by team from Indepth & system management. Registration for I.S.O. 9001-2000. After inspection & auditing the hospital received ISO 9002-2000 certificate in September 2006. There by becoming the first psychiatric & deaddiction centre in Rajasthan & making its commitment even stronger for quality patients care & management .The hospital is licensed by Rajasthan State Mental Health Authority Jaipur, under Mental Health Act since 1998.The team of psychiatrist, physician & judicial magistrate from Bikaner have inspected the centre from time to time & appreciated the quality care for psychiatric patients.
At present, patients suffering from various psychiatric disorders as depression, psychosis, mania, hysteria, epilepsy, headache, mental retardation, psychosexual problems, head injury & drug addiction are being treated here with a range of facilities of diagnosis and treatment. Patients come here from Rajasthan , Punjab,& Haryana. In last 4-5 yrs, work load is increasing day by day. Routine OPD is about 50 patients /day and indoor patients about 650 to 700 in a year. There is a separate ward for drug deaddiction.
Psychiatric service- Testing, diagnosis and treatment (ECT & Medicine) of all types of mental disorders.
Treatment & testing facilities for epilepsy, headache psychosexual problems.
Drug deaddiction clinic- Indoor facilities for drug addicts(alcohol,opium cannabis, & others types of addiction in form of medicines, injections, syrups etc.
Digital video EEG.
Clinical psychologist for psychological testing .
( personality testing, I.Q. testing, memory test, test for anxiety, depression, mania, psychopathology) and psychological treatment( psychotherapy, behaviour therapy, aversion therapy, counseling, relaxation therapy etc.).
Meditation centre- meditation in being practiced with the help of vishvas cassettes to keep patients tension free & calm.
Activity and recreation room where patients are engaged in some kind of activity like playing, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, T.V. watching etc.
Day care centre- to rehabilitate recovered mental patients, drug addicts and mentally retarded children, day care centre in established where these patients are in care of experienced, trained staff for whole day. In evening, they are sent back to their homes .
Health centre- with a motto of healthy and tension free life, health centre is established in the hospital where aerobics trainer teaches the patients about yoga, floor exercises and other exercise with the help of different zym machines.
The centre has close circuit T.V. with camera on each floor to supervise the activities of patients & staff.
There is a public announcement system where soft instrumental music is played regularly & instructions for patients & care givers about hospital rules are given from time to time.
There is a library where books & journals on various aspects of medicine , psychiatry & psychology. The staff is encouraged to make use of the books to keep them uptodate with advances in field of psychiatry.
Record keeping- record about OPD and indoor patients are kept systematic and confidential in the from of case history records, indoor case files, ECT records etc.
Each patients in OPD is seen by clinical psychologist or medical officer and complete case history is recorded, then patient is sent to chief psychiatrist for further diagnosis, testing & treatment.
Laboratory facilities- facility for complete blood testing, urine, stool etc. in supervision of Dr. Ashok Sidana (M.D. Pathology) is available in the hospital.
Acupuncture clinic- In January 2006, to make drug deaddiction treatment more effective, acupuncture clinic was established here with the help & NADA India foundation. Ear acupuncture is done for treatment of drug addicts, it involves gentle placement of three small sterilized disposable needles on specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 45 minutes, relaxing or meditating.
It simply decreases craving for alcohol, or drugs & withdrawl symptoms
It reduces anxiety, agitation, insomnia.
Clients prone to anger or violence discover opportunities for inner peace.
Nada India started a training module to train members working in the field of drug deaddiction. Our centre has been established as an accupuncture training centre supported by NADA India. In this training programme .The acudetox technique in taught through a 70 hours training and internship programme. Such trainees gain certificate as Acu detox specialist (ADS). The ADS,s do not do differential diagnosis or full treatment as acupuncture is only one component of substance abuse treatment. The value of acupuncture lies party in the relief of withdrawal symptoms, but crucial goal is to prepare the clients to participate effectively in other therapies, Ear acupuncture has been found to improve patients treatment readiness and overall treatment retention.

In this centre, we have a team of well qualified & experienced working members.
Chief Psychiatrist Dr.Roop Sidana M.D. Psychiatry
Medalist P.G.I.Chandigarh
* R.M.O. Dr.Lalita Sidana
M.B.B.S.(SPMC, Bikaner)
* Clinical Psychologist Mrs. Neena Chadha
* Medical officer Dr. Jitender Godara
* Counsellor Mrs. Ruchi Srivastav
* Anasthetist Dr. Ashok Nagpal
* Pathologist Dr.Ashok Sidana
* Nursing Staff Members in Nursing Staff (Professionally trained)

Dr.Roop Sidana
Tek Chand Sidana Memorial
Psychiatric Hospital & De-addiction Centre
Sri Ganganagar Raj.) 335001

Contact Details
Enquiries & Appointments:XXXXXXXXXX

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