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you can contact for all type of solutions to improve your beauty, shape, figure, size and appearence.
Cosmetic surgery is a Necessity NOT Luxary.
Visit our websites: ; ;
Before selecting your cosmetic surgeon, please look for his work experience, credentilas, results of the operations.
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Dr.b.p.singh Bhupinder Nursing Home
Nursing Home in Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Area of Specialization:
Cosmetic Surgery
Year of Establishment:1989
Complete Address:Centre for Laser Cosmetic Surgery.
Bhupinder Nursing Home.
'DOCTORS' 261, Mota Singh Nagar.
Location:Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Zip Code:144001
Website URL:

Introduction & Overview
Center for Laser Cosmetic Surgery run by
BOARD CERTIFIED COSMETIC SURGEON, Certified by International Board of Cosmetic Surgery.
Selected among "THE 100 BEST COSMETIC SURGEONS OF THE WORLD" at 52nd World Congress of the International Acacdemy of Cosmetic Surgery on 5-8 Nov 2008 Cartagena COLOMBIA. Presented his new technique of Thigh lift, Arm lift, Breast lift.
for more details visit :
Experience more than 25 years.
Cosmetic Surgery of all Body Parts - Total Body Shaping - Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Body lift surgery.
List of procedures -
1. Total Body shaping
2. Liposuction
3. Lipo in Men
4. Tummy Tuck-Mini/ full
5. Brachioplasty
6. Abdominoplasty
7. Lipectomy
8. Lower body lift
9. Breast
-Breast Augmentation
-Breast Reduction
-Breast Up lift
-Breast Suspension
-Breast Liposuction
-Cosmetic Surgery for NAC
10. Breast Reduction in Males
11. Nose
-Augmentation Rhinoplasty
- Reduction Rhinoplasty
-Nose tip plasty
-Hump reduction
-Corrective Rhinoplasty
-Post cleft lip nasal Deformity
12. Face
-Mini face lift
-S lift face lift
-Stitch lift
-Traditional face lift
-SMAS face lift
-Neck lift
-Face lift with liposuction
-face lift and Lipoinjection
13. Forehead Lift
14. Facial asymmetry
15. Eye-Eye lids
-Eye Brow lift
-Eye Brow shaping
- Eye lid surgery
Upper blepheroplasty
Lower blepheroplasty
-Eye prominence

16. Ear Chin Cheeks
-Ear prominent
-Ear Deformity
-Ear lobe surgery
-Ear prick hole repair
-Split Ear repair

17. Chin CS
-Chin Implant
-Chin Reduction
-Chin Tuck
-Double Chin lipo

18. Cheeks CS
-Cheek filling
-Cheek Bone prominence
-Cheek Bone Shaving
-Cheek Implant

19. Lips
-Lip Shaping
-Lip Enhancement
-Lip Reduction
-Lip Shaving
-Oral Opening Correction

20. Dimple

21. Fat Transfer
-soft tissue augmentation
-cheek filling
-breast contouring
-penile thickening

22. Stitch lift
-Brow lift
-Face lift
-Neck lift
-Jaw line correction
-Breast lift
-Arm lift
-Buttock lift
-Thigh lift

23. Virginity Restoration

24. Designer’s Vagina
-Labial Cosmetic Surgery
-Vaginal tightening

25. CS of Male Genitals
-Penile Lengthening
-Penile thickness
-Penile implants
-Testicular implants

26. Gender Reassignment Surgery
-Male to female
-Female to male
27. Post Pregnancy Figure Correction
28. Morbid obesity
29. Post weight Loss Surgery
30. Miscellaneous
-Chemical peels
-Laser resurfacing
-Botox injections
-Stationary White patch treatment
-Cosmetic Skin Care
-Mole removal
-Scar reduction / revision
-Ventral hernia

31. Post Bariatric Surgery CS
32. Testimonials
33. Counseling
34. Value added Services
We operate with Prior appointments only.
Specialty & USP's
Services & Facilities
Please visit:
Cosmetic surgery of all types
Achievements & Awards
please visit ..for more details:
Some Listed here:-
1. THE 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the World
2. Fellow of Australsian College of Cosmetic Surgery
3. Fellow of International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
4. Fellow of IMA Acaedmy of Cosmetivc surgery
5. Internatinal Board of Cosmetic surgery Certification as 'Borad Certified Cosmetic Surgeon.
6. Best Scientific Presentation award
and many more... please visit ..for more details..
Specialization Glossary
Total Body Shaping , Body contouring , Liposuction / Lipo-sculpture , Suction lipectomy-Lipolysis Lipo in Men , Fat suction – Lipoplasty , Tummy Tuck – Mini/Full , Body sculpting-Tummy tightening , Brachioplasty , Arm Lift Abdominoplasty , Fat apron Removal , Lipectomy , Full tummy tuck Body Lift Surgery , Body reshaping Breast Augmentation , Enlargement Breast – Breast implant , Breast Reduction , Reduction Mammoplasty , Cosmetic breast reduction Breast Suspension , Mastopexy – Breast uplift Cosmetic Surgery for NAC , Nipple areola beautification , Breast Reduction in Males , Gynaecomastia – Gynaecomazia Nose Job / Rhinoplasty , Cosmetic Nose surgery Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery , Rhytidectomy – Facialplasty , Forehead Lift Cosmetic Surgery , Brow lift surgery Facial Asymmetry , Unequal face plastic surgery Eyes / Eye Lid Surgery , Prominent eyes , Eyebrow shaping , Blepheroplasty , Sagging / Drooping Eye lids , Eyelid reduction Ear Cosmetic Surgery , Prominent ears – Ear pinning , Pinnaplasty Chin Augmentation with Implants , Augmentation Mentoplasty , Chin Reduction , Reduction Mentoplasty , Chin Tuck / Double Chin Liposuction , Jaw line prominence Cheek Cosmetic Surgery , Malar implants , Buccal fat , Smile Enhancement , Aesthetic smile improvement Lips Cosmetic Surgery , Lip shaping – Lip reduction Dimple Creation Cheek Chin , Cleft on chin , Fat Transfer / Lipoinjection , Soft tissue augmentation Stitch Lift , Thread lift Virginity Restoration , Virgin hymen , Designer’s Vagina – Vaginal rejuvenation , Vaginoplasty – Labia plasty , Vaginal tightening CS of Male Genitals , Phalloplasty – Penile enlargement Gender Reassignment Surgery , Sex change surgery , Plastic surgery for intersexes , Post Pregnancy Figure Correction , Figure and shape correction after pregnancy Morbid Obesity Surgery , Surgery for Obese Post Weight Loss Surgery , Cosmetic surgery for body shaping , Implants Surgery , Silastic implant – Silicone gel implants Dermabrassion , Skin Resurfacing Stationary White Patch , Vitiligo – Leucoderma , Cosmetic Skin Care , Skin rejuvenation – Anti aging , Mole Removal , Naves Surgery Scar Reduction / Revision , Aesthetic scar surgery , Ventral Hernia , Incisional hernia – Umbilical hernia Laser resurfacing , Hyperpigmentation treatment with laser Post Bariatric Surgery CS , Cosmetic surgery after Bariatric surgery
Contact Details
Enquiries & Appointments:XXXXXXXXXX

Other Information
1. Cosmetic Surgery is An ART and Science.
To do justice with this speciality of art and science, one sholud be fully devoted full time.
a mind busy at many places or multiple surgeries, cannot do justice with patineys.
2. We provide undivided personal care to the patients. Visit :
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100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the World
working with Dr.Eastwood at St. James Leeds UK
At St. James Hospital Leeds UK 1992
Master of Masters
Fellowship FIAMS
Original Tech Published in International Journal

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