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Genesis PsySPA Psychology n Wellness aspires to be the pioneer in improving health through high-quality, affordable, integrated health care. We are noteworthy by our strong social purpose, Clinical Health psychologist responsibility for care & wellness. "We believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence which Our Creator has showered on us.
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Genesis Psyspa Psychology n Wellness Lets Treat The Cause
Hospital in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Area of Specialization:
Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology
Year of Establishment:2008
Complete Address:Genesis PsySPA Psychology n Wellness and Axon Pain Management Center Plot No. 14 Road No. 3 Banjara Hills, Nagaarjuna Hills Circle, Land Mark Behind Chutneys Restaurant Hyderabad A.P 500034
Location:Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Zip Code:500034
Website URL:

Introduction & Overview
Genesis PsySPA Psychology n Wellness- The Psychology of Life
Lets work together to treat the cause

The Genesis PsySPA is recognized for transform cutting edge research into practical, evidence-based interventions for people facing psychological and Wellness issues in every phase of life, from educational challenges, through to relationship difficulties, specific anxieties, occupational, wellness, mood disorders, and disorders in brain function such as epilepsy and dementia.

At the Genesis PsySPA we are committed to Clinical Psychology the science of changing cognition, behavior emotions and learning life skills using evidence-based, non-invasive techniques.

No Medicine WILL is more powerful then PILL


To help individuals develop life-long skills this will enable them to make healthier choices, and to help guide them to a more positive self and better quality of life.

God began to show me that for people to be healthier and to live lives that are whole they need to know their "true" identity in Christ It became very clear that if people are able to see themselves more the way God sees them, and are able to experience the love God has for them, they are able to give love to others and to live healthier lives. It is through our true identity that our destiny is revealed and we are able to walk in the lives that were planned for us before we even lived.
Specialty & USP's
Identification of the causes of illness/ problem
Promotion and maintenance of health
Prevention and treatment of illness (Mental n Physical)
The application techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation designing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs

Treating Cause
No Medicine
Non Invasive
Focus Quality of life
Result Oriented
Discover New You
Services & Facilities
The Clinic offers a complete range of consultation assessment and therapy services for all Age. Individual, family, and group therapy are provided for a variety of difficulties. Include depression, mood swings, anxiety, and stress. Marital and family discord, phobias, panic attacks, anger, neuro-behavioral disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and school difficulties-learning disabilities.

Genesis PsySPA Psychology n Wellness offers low-cost counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in the general community. We are dedicated to providing high quality counseling services that combine traditional treatment approaches with advanced treatment strategies aimed at improving therapy outcomes using the latest therapy research findings.
Develop an individual treatment plan
Memory Functioning
Anxiety and Depression
Pre-Post Surgical Protocol for Epilepsy
Dementia Screening
Activity Pacing
Anxiety Management
Assertive Training
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Guided Imagery
Lifestyle Management and Wellness Program
Mindfulness Training
Relaxation Therapy
Sleep Protocol / Hygiene
Stress Management
Systematic Desensitization
Assessment Chart
Vehicle Parking For Visitors & Members:Yes
Canteen / Cafeteria:No
Internal Pharmacy:No
Blood Bank:No
Emergency Handling:No
Ambulance Service:No
Operation Theatre:Yes
Health Counselling:Yes

Contact Details
Enquiries & Appointments:XXXXXXXXXX

Other Information
Wellness is more than just the absence of illness. Wellness is a proactive process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. Focusing on wellness and practicing self care helps us to put emphasis on prevention.
Process means that improvement is always possible
Aware means that we are continuously seeking more information about how we can improve.
Choices mean that we consider a variety of options and select those in our best interest.
Success is determined by each individual to be their collection of life accomplishments

Wellness = reducing your risk for disease:
Preventing and treating injuries
Monitoring health and safety

Using our health care system focusing on prevention instead only using the healthcare system for disease.

Self Care equal to
Exercising our wonderful bodies
Eating a healthy diet
Finding or creating a group to meet with on a regular basis to encourage community, support and sharing
Being aware of the stress in your life
Practicing stress reduction methods on a regular basis

Managing Pain through PSYCHOLOGY OF PAIN
The sensation of pain is physical, but how we react to it is related to what we feel about the pain, and what we do to manage it. Living with chronic pain is a difficult challenge. Psychological aspects such as mood, attitude towards pain and coping style have been found to play pivotal role in an individuals adjustment to pain. For example, when pain persists, the person may develop negative beliefs about their experience of pain (e.g., this is never going to get better) or negative thoughts about themselves (e.g., Im worthless to my family because I cant work). However, the mind and the body together in philosophical ways, and the mind can either be enormous help in healing or can be an impossible obstacle, consulting a psychologist surely does not NOT indicate that the pain is all in the persons head as unfortunately some patients have been told by physicians that they unable to locate the physical cause of the pain precisely.

At our clinic we will provide state of the art Psychological interventions which are highly effective in reducing pain, disability and distress.
Pain management psychologist can offer with a therapeutic intervention to share the impact have had on quality of life.
Relaxation Therapy with Cognitive Behavior Therapy for pain management will be our first line of treatment. It is customized to the individual needs of the patient and may include:

Cognitive Restructuring
Stress Management
Sleep Hygiene
Activity Pacing
Mindfulness Training
Guide imagery

I practice in hospitals, Corporate, Schools, businesses & in my private practice at Genesis PsySPA Psychology n Wellness Hyderabad A.P INDIA
I also maintain a national and international consulting and training practice servicing the business, industry, educational and healthcare fields.
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Clinical Psychology and Pain Management
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Monday, 1st November 2010
Most people think of pain as resulting from physical injury or disease,but psychological factors play a huge role in pain perception. Pain is intimately tied to brain functions that govern behaviour a... Read More
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