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Natura Ayurvedic Hospital & Panchkarma Centre's Profile
Natura Ayurvedic Hospital & Panchkarma Centre
Hospital in Rupnagar, Punjab, India
Year of Establishment:2011
Complete Address:Ayurveda Clinic Ropar
Location:Rupnagar, Punjab, India
Zip Code:140001
Website URL:

Introduction & Overview
Ayurveda is the science of life. Word ayurveda is made up from two words Ayur & Veda. Ayur means Life or Living and Veda means Science or knowledge. Ayurveda is the father of all medicinal systems, because it predates all medicinal systems as it was developed by Maharishi (Great Scientists of India) in india some 5000 to 10000 years ago. All other medicinal systems are developed and created from ayurveda after studying ayurvedic principles, i.e. Traditional Chinese medicine, tibetan medicine, Egypt, Africa, and other regions. Ayurveda has eight disciplines are known as ASTANG AYURVEDA.

We are just following traditional System that is proved itself from 5000 years. And Successfully treating Patients which are said incurable by other systems of medicine.
Specialty & USP's
Arthritis or Joint Pains
Neck Pain - Cervical Spondylosis
Low Back Pain
Gout or Hyperuricemia
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Services & Facilities
Treatment of following disease are provided: -
Abdominal Diseases: -
* Acidity, heartburn
* Mouth ulcers
* Peptic ulcer
* duodenal ulcers
* Pain in abdomen
* Tenderness in abdomen
* Constipation
* Loss of appetite
* Celiac disease
* Short bowel syndrome
* Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
* Antibiotic associated colitis
* Malabsorption
* Gas-Flatus
* Belching
* Anorexia nervosa
* Indigestion
* Nausea Vomiting
* Dyspepsia
* Hiccups
* Gas-Flatus
* Belching
* Dysphagia - difficulty in swallowing
* GERD - Gastroesophageal reflex disease
* Pain killer associated complications
* Gastritis of various aetiologies.
* Inflammatory disease
1. Ulcerative Colitis
2. Crohn's disease

Liver Disorders -
* Hepatitis A
* Hepatitis B
* Hepatitis C
* Drug and Toxin Induced Liver Disease
* Cirrhosis
* Infective Hepatitis
* Alcoholic Hepatitis
* Alcoholic Liver Disease
* Auto immune Hepatitis
* Fatty Liver Disease
Arthritis & Joint & Muscle Disorders: -
* Joint Pains
* Neck Pain
* Gout
* Osteoarthritis
* Rhematoid Arthritis
* Lumbar spinal stenosis
* Disc herniated
* Low Back Pain
* Frozen shoulder
* Fibromyalgia - muscular pain
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Ankylosing spondylitis
* Tennis elbow
Skin Diseases: -
* Eczema
* Utricaria
* Rashes
* Itching
Mental Disorders
Sex Related Diseases:
* Impotency
* Loss of Desire
* Infertility
* Erection problems
* Early Discharge
Contact Details
Enquiries & Appointments:+91

Other Information
Panchakarma Treatment
1. Ayurvedic Massage
2. Steam Bath
3. Shirodhara (pouring warm herbalized oil, milk, or buttermilk over the forehead)
4. Nasya (herbalized nasal oil drops)
5. Virechana (Body Detoxification)
6. Anuvasana Basti
7. Niruha Basti
8. Shirodhara
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