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Special offer : We have a Special treatment plan for the persons living abroad that if you get your Dental Treatment done in our clinic it will be a lot cheaper than when done abroad. The Simple formula is : Dental Treatment Abroad = Boarding + lodging + Dental Treatment in our clinic

Please note we will not be compromising on our standards it is just conversion value of
$ = Rupees
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Digital Smile design
Beautiful smiles are no longer left to chance as digital technology meets design to create stunning outcomes for patients . In digital smile design , first we take photos of patient and make the digital smile of patient in just 15 minutes and show it to patient . If patient likes her smile then will do further treatment . Digital Smile Design DSD seeks to the present a new face of dentistry. Everything is based on analysis facial aesthetic photographic and videographic patient to better understand the relationship of the teeth , gums , lips and face in motion. Organizing this information and creating a digital drawing of the smile , providing a visual presentation of the treatment plan for the patient for the patient to view and approve before the treatment itself starting.

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