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Special Message:
i think most of user are a community of patient or a relatives of it...
what my guide to patient
whichever u select doctor is the good only
what u have to do
1) never ignore the treatment or not to take it unconciouslly
2) complate the cource of treatment
3) do and don't as per your doctor suggests you
4) don't hide anything from your doctor
5) do the activity daily which improves your health and dont having a side effect like yoga,jogging,swimming (if u know it)
6)choose the way according to your severity of illness/disability etc...
for more advise contact @ Detroja's physiotherapy clinic. F-1 ,satsang recidency,Opp.haveli,mota varacha,surat. Mo.8980792019
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Dr. Kishan Detroja
Male, 31 Years from Surat, Gujarat, India
Practice Details:
hello everybody......i am Dr.kishan detroja a consultant physical therapist
our physiotherapy groups are mainly concerned with the following things
1) post operative Traumatology ( all types of fracture and accidental cases,amputation care)
2)cardiac rehabilitation program ( used after heart operation)
3)pulmonary rehabilitation ( used after pulmonary surgery)
4) joint and muscle pain ( ex. backache,neck pain )
5)clinical orthopedics physiotherapy ( achivement of maximum function with o.a.,r.a.,a.s. as well correction of congenital deformity etc)
6) p.t. care in neurology ( brain and spinal cord trauma , congenital deformity of it,as well pathological injury,maldevelopment etc..)
7)pediatric physiotherapy
8)physiotherapy program for diabetes patient ( specific diet,exercise,and complate care for the all type and level diabetes patient)
9)antenatal and prenatal physiotherapy ( its basically aimed for healthy pregnency as well decreased postnatal complication and improves mother as well baby's health)
10)physiotherapy in burns care ( its a specified program for all level and all types of burns)
11)general health and fitness ( a one normal man what can do for their better health and to maintain as well improve the total body work and stimuna)
12)yoga for daily life
13) physiotherapy in i.c.u.
14)post operative physiotherapy care ( to all kind of operation)
15) get the doctor name and detail ( physician and specialist in your city by contact our clinic )- free service it just for patients help in finding a doctor
Years of Practice:clinic practice during bechlore study
Location:Surat, Gujarat, India
Zip Code:394101
Birth Place:surat
Year of Birth:1990
Age:31 Years
Marital Status:Single
Languages Known:
English (UK), English (US), Hindi, Gujarati
Hobbies & Interests:
interests my interest is make my proffesion as bright as possible...i like to create groups of doctors,union of many hospitals and medical clinics,labs,blood banks,etc
i want to make my india healthy better than each and every contry of world....
playing chess
surfing internet
and any creative activity
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 physiotherapy (b.physiotherapy), srinivas college of physiotherapy, rajivgandhi university of health science, 2010-2011
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Detroja's physiotherapy clinic
F-1,Satsang recidency,Opp.pushtidham haveli,Nr.mahadev chowk,MOTA VARACHA, surat,gujarat
Days Available:
expect sunday
Timings: 1 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM
Contact Number(s):
Facilities Available
treatment with latest equipment
Clinical; Research based Treatment protocol
home visit facility
Specialization Glossary
Clinical Interests
community health programmes
Other Details
i think other information is not essential for proffetional communication based on internet
Consultancy Fees:free now it's service of college
Revisit Charges:150 (120 till 31 nov 2014)

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thanks and please bear with me.
God bless.

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