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Dr. Sumeru Ray
Male, 61 Years from Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Practice Details:
Dr. Sumeru Ray has very powerful and time tested treatment procedures for your problems/diseases. He is very successful expert doctor & researcher in Alternative medicines for the last 35 years. Physical or Mental problem howbeit, if you became unsuccessful after so many medical treatments, then his Universal Treatment is right for you. Get recovery from illness fairly, by the combination of Homeopathy, Herbal (tincture), MahaPathy (A New invention, Google search= MahaPathy), Special Yoga procedure like Maha-Yoga, Yoga-Sleep and many other Psycho-Spiritual methods.

Dr. Sumeru Ray is a well experienced Doctor of Alternative Medicines (MD) and very successful practitioner and researcher in Alternative treatments. He has an unequal method of curing diseases and problems, by the help of alternative treatments, such as– Homeopathy, Complex-Homeopathy, and Herbal, Yoga-Meditation and Psycho-Spiritual methods, or combining all together...

To treat your problems rightly he needs your symptoms in details… with your age, sex, height, weight… and let him know that when and how the problems started. Please provide him all documents regarding your problem. He will help you with his vast knowledge. He has obtained favorable termination in solving the problem like yours....

Dr. Ray is also a self-development and personal adviser, specialist in mental problems. Besides these if you want, you can get help of Healing-Meditation and different kind of spiritual and psychological healing methods. Contact him, Dr. Sumeru Ray will send you a ‘Case Taking form’. After you have finished filling up the form (as directed), please do send it to him. He will be replying to your queries after going through your form.....

We are sure; here you will be well soon. For true expert help you must hire Dr. Sumeru Ray first. He'd be thankful to help you. Dr. Sumeru Ray is the inventor of the new system of medicine= MahaPathy. To know more about the Universal Treatment- MahaPathy, please search through Google. The expert doctor is specialist in chronic and complicated diseases / problems. Please do not call the expert for any emergency problem.
Years of Practice:35
Location:Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Zip Code:700005
Birth Place:Kolkata
Year of Birth:1963
Age:61 Years
Languages Known:
Bengali, Hindi
Hobbies & Interests:
He is a knowledge worshipper, self-conscious man of vast experience with art sense, creative power, computer knowledge, new ideas. He is a good adviser. He is an author – philosopher – researcher. Dr Ray is the teacher of true self-development Education. Most important identity of Dr Ray, –he is a great humanitarian. His all efforts are – for human welfare.
He has knowledge in fine arts, literature, Yoga, meditation, art of healing, self-development program, man making program, music composing and film making, news paper and periodicals editing etc. specialist in mental problems and diseases. He is a well experienced doctor and researcher in Alternative Medicines, and creator of the new system of medicine– ‘MahaPathy’.
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 MD (Doctor of Alternative Medicines), Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata, B.S.A.M. (Bowbazar Society for Alternative Medicines), Kolkata, 25.08.2003
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Universal Treatment Center
Kalna, Bardhaman, WB
Days Available:
11am to 7pm
Contact Number(s):
Other Details
2012 has presented us a new system of remedy with a new medical science– that is ‘MahaPathy’.

MahaPathy (briefly– MPathy) is a super excellent system of Alternative Medicine, like Homeopathy in many respects. Also it is very effective system for universal treatment.

When current systems of medicines are unable to cure– curability of MahaPathy has been proved astonishingly in suchlike some cases.
Google search= MahaPathy
Consultancy Fees:1200.00
Revisit Charges:500.00

Dr. Chandravadan Ajmera
Dr. Chandravadan Ajmera - 31 Jan 2014
Happ birthday Sumeru

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