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Aphim (Aphu)
Aphim is a vish-dravya.
Guna – sukshma, ruksha
Ras – tikta kashay
Vipak – katu
Veerya – ushna
Prabhav – maadak
Doshagnata – kaphavaatshaamak, pittaprakopak
Overdose – ojakshay and tadjanya vaatprakop- pralapadi lakshanas and mrutyu.
Dose - 1/4 to 1 gunja. (in less dose – uttejak. In large doses – avasaadak)
Kalpa – ahiphenasav, nidroday vati, karpur ras, dugdha vati etc.
Aphim shuddhi - Firstly dissolve in water, filter it and boil it on low- flame. After that give 21 bhavanas of ardrak swaras to dried aphim. By this aphim get shudhdh but vishatava does not vanish.
Chemical composition of Aphim –
There are 29 active principles in aphim, mainly morphin, codeine, thebaine and narcotine .

Rogaghnata –
1) As it is vyavaayi-vikasi-maadak and ushna in guna, acts well as vedana-sthaapak, nidrajanan and akshepaghna. Useful in udarshool, ashmari-shool, grudhrasi-shool, parshwa-shool. Useful in Nidranaash. As it is akshepaghna so useful in Apasmaar, apatantrak, kampavaat, dhanusthambh, kuchala-vishbadha.
2) Useful in ati-lala-straav. Aamashayshoth, pakvatisaar, vaatatisaar, vishuchika-prarambhik avastha.
3) Hrudbalya. Raktastambhak, hrudayksheenatajanya shwaas, hrudshool.
4) Shwasankendre avasaadak. Kaphanashak , shwasaghna, vaat-kaphaja kaas, phuphphusavaran-shoth, peenas
5) Purushatva-ghatak. But shukrastambhan is there due to aphim. So in shighra-patan it is useful

Absorption and Excretion –
Amashaye – mand-shoshan
Antra – shighra – shoshan
90% of aphim is excreted by mutra and remaining 10% through purish, sthanya, amashaygat ras and sweda.
Generally within 6 hours, aphim is excreted from body. 75% of aphim is excreted within 24 hours through mutra.
Aphim – where should not be given ? –
4)jwar and ati-shramjanya mastishkagat raktastraav
5)Serious vrukka vikruti specially uremia
6)In baal rugna and vrudhdha rugna
7)Generally addiction of aphim is seen if given for long time in jeerna-vyadhi

Lakshana of aphim-vish-badha -

Firstly netra-tarakaa (pupils) sankuchan (pin pointed) is seen. But before few minutes of death they are dilated. Generally avasaad is seen in 4-6 hours and death is seen in 6-12 hours.
Death by aphim is not so painful. On the contrary, patient of phim death doen not know that he is dying.
Upachaar for aphim-vish-baadha –
1)shodhan - arishta(ritha)- jal or sarshap sidhha jal for vaman. Stomach wash till clean water returns.
2)antidotes of aphim – Ritha, Hing, Amalaki, Erand, Karpaas, Dronapushpi, Ghrut, Tejapatra, Nimb, Patha
Take care - the patient should not sleep till aphim vish-badha vanishes.

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Granth- Vaachan
Everybody daily goes trough our valuable different granthas and reading them. But many times and many vaidya read grantha indivisually.
Here I am suggesting that Group – Granth – vaachan is more beneficial for vaidya as well as “Ayurved-Utkarsha”.
In nashik, we – group of 10-12 vaidyas - meet for Grantha-vaachan on every Friday and Saturday for two hours. And this is since last 4 years.
We are reading ashtaang-hruday with arunadutta and hemadri tika since 4 years. And then we realise the importance of our grantha. Till date we have completed only half grantha. It is so vast for study and proves that we are very less (“Alpa-budhhi”). When we go through any shlok – everytime we get new meaning from it and we get surprised by “deep vision” of our aacharyas.
Also another benefit of Group-grantha-vaachan is during grantha-vaachan , exchange of experience, case-discussion, knowledge is more easier.
And everybody knows – “Two heads are better than one”
So I am kindly requesting everybody to start Group-Grantha-vaachan.
It is never too late to mend……..

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