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Every meal should be enjoyed and consumed slowly. This will aid better digestion of the food.
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Mr. Sakharam Aher Aher 02 Jan 2014 My family doctor has suggested me to consult Dr. Ashwin Porwal for constipation treatment. I had undergone Starr surgery for chronic constipation at healing hands clinic in pune. I wouls like to recommend Dr. Porwal to people for constipation treament. Thank You!!!

Mrs. Manjusha A 04 Dec 2013 I was suffering from Constipation. I have taken treatment under consultation of Dr Ashwin Porwal. He is best Surgeon for Constipation treatment. He is good human being and i would like to Thank him for his support to me and my family during Surgery. STARR Surgery is best treatment for Constipation.

Mrs. Sudha Udaas 02 Dec 2013 It feels horrible when your mornings are bad due to defecation problem. I had suffered from hard stools since many years on & off. Due to this I used to have bleeding on defecation that made me psychologically disturbed months down the line. I had taken Ayurvedic, Allopathic & Homeopathic treatments but all in vain as the problem was suppressed for the time being but came up again in a few weeks. I was extremely frustrated. I read an article in a local leading newspaper about the painless Stapler Surgery & decided to give my ailment a last try. Visiting Healing Hands Clinic gave me a positive vibe. The extreme politeness & care shown by the team was very appreciating. I was diagnosed for Severe Anal Spasm with the beginning of Haemorrhoids. Dr Porwal advised me medicines for a month & then as per recovery the next treatment would be decided. But I had lost my patience & decided to get operated at the earliest to relieve my pain. Discharge within 24 hours & painless surgery details made me relaxed. Today its more than a year that I am operated & I am completely cured from my problem all thanks to Healing Hands Clinic & Dr Ashwin Porwal.

Mr. Saurabh Shetty 02 Dec 2013 I always had big dreams since childhood of working with a reputed company in the states. I was excited on my first day at Texas for my job. Little did I know that change of country & lifestyle would affect my health profoundly. To keep away from parents I didn't discuss my health until I realized it needs immediate medical attention when one morning I had severe bleeding on passing stools. Googling for Piles doctor in pune made me visit India's leading Proctologist Dr Porwal. Taking my grade ii bleeding haemorrhoids in consideration Dr Porwal advised me medication for a month. But my short visit made me decide for quick surgery for permanent recovery.. Within 24 hours I was discharged & within a weeks time I'm back to States. All thanks to the invention of Stapler Surgery & Dr Porwal!

Mr. Sunil Sawant 29 Nov 2013 I have taken treatment for fissure at healing hands clinic under consultation of Dr. Ashwin Porwal. He has given me treatment and now m living a happy life. My greetings to Dr. Porwal and his faculty members. Thanks!!

Dr. Nitika Arora 15 May 2013 Can u kindly elaborate bout the starr surgery sir,wna knw bout it whole..

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