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Dr. Ashwin Porwal's Profile
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Dr. Ashwin Porwal
Male, 44 Years from Pune, Maharashtra, India
Practice Details:
MBBS, DNB Surgery
Dip, Laparoscopic Surgery (France)
Consulting Laparoscopic &Proctosurgeon
Years of Practice:7-8
Location:Pune, Maharashtra, India
Zip Code:411001
Birth Place:Pune
Year of Birth:1979
Age:44 Years
Marital Status:Married
Languages Known:
English (US), Hindi, Marathi
Hobbies & Interests:
Travelling, Surfing, Tracking
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 Certified training in WOUND Management from Madeleine Flangan University, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2009
2 Diploma in LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY from EITS-IRCAD, Strasbourg University, FRANCE, 2009
3 Trained in PROCTOLOGY (Piles, Prolapse & Constipation) from World renowned Colo Procto Surgeon Dr. Antonio Longo, St. Elizabeth Hospital, AUSTRIA, 2009
4 DNB General Surgery, Poona Hospital & Research Centre, MUHS, 2008
5 Certified training in advanced LAPAROSCOPIC & BARIATRIC Surgery under the guidance Of ‘Father of Obesity Surgery’ Dr Scopinaro, Genova Medical School, ITALY, 2005
6 MBBS, B.J.Medical College Pune, MUHS, 2004
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Healing Hands Clinic- 1
4th Floor, Millennium Star Extension, Above KFC Restaurant, Adjacent to Ruby Hall Entrance Gate, Dhole Patil Road, Pune - 411001
Days Available:
6pm to 8pm
Contact Number(s):
Clinic Name:
Healing Hands Clinic- 2
Mangalmurti Complex,105, First floor, Near Hirabaug, Tilak Road, Pune - 411 002
Days Available:
Contact Number(s):
Affiliations With Associations
*Member of ECTA ( European Colorectal Technology Association)
ISO CERTIFIED- Day care surgical Clinic
Affiliations With Hospitals
Poona Hospital & Research center.

Apollo Jehangir Hospital.

Ruby Hall Clinic

Inamdar Hospital.
Facilities Available
• Dedicated work on Ano Rectal diseases since 5 years.
• Have performed more than 2000 MIPH procedures for grade 3 and grade 4 haemorrhoids.. Which is highest in India.
• Performing maximum number of STARR surgeries for ODS in India. Has performed more than 300 STARR surgeries..Highest in India
• His centre healing hands clinic is equipped with State of art MRI Defecography centre.Perform average 70-80 MRI Defecography per month.
• Team comprises of 3 colo rectal surgeons , Dedicated nutritionist for high fibre diet , Trained physiothera pist for pelvic floor exercises
• After care team : 4 doctors and 2 nutritionist to look after post operative patients
• Referral centre for complex high fistula , recurrent fistula in ano. Have high succes rate of 95% for these surgeries. Have successfully treated complex Recto Inguinal Fistula.
• Specialised pelvic floor clinic with facilities like Manometry , Pelvicography , colonoscopy & physiotherapy under one roof.
• Perform 1st P.O.P.S (pelvic organ prolapse suspension surgery ) for severe cystocele and vaginal descent in India
• Healing hands clinic , PUNE is the only ISO certified proctology clinic with Defecography in India.
Clinical Interests
Achievements & Awards
• Performed the first S.T.A.R.R (Stapled Trans Anal Rectal Resection) Surgery in Maharashtra, in November 2009.
• Highest in Asia Pacific for performing more than 300 S.T.A.R.R surgeries for chronic constipation, more than 500 MRI Defecography tests.
• At present performing maximum number (more than 2000) of Stapler Haemorrhoidopexies in Asia Pacific per month. Performed more than 2000 HERNIA surgeries till date.
• Performed the 1st MRI DEFECOGRAPHY test in Pune, a diagnostic test for Chronic Constipation. At present performing maximum number of MRI Defecographies per month in India.
• Recently performed the first P.O.P.S (Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension) Surgery in the country in February 2013.
• Healing Hands Clinic is a referral centre for complex high fistula, recurrent fistula in ano. Have high success rates of 95% for these surgeries. Have successfully treated complex Recto-Inguinal Fistula.
• Selected among International Speakers in World Congress o Coloproctology in Rome, 2011. Presented a paper on Haemorrhoids (Piles) surgery & STARR surgery for Constipation in World Congress meet for Coloproctology in Rome, 2011.
• Author for publishing paper on Clinical Research indication – Ureteric stone.
• One of the highest recruiter in India for Acute Skin & Skin structure infection study.
• Enrolled maximum number of patients in amonth among all Indian sites for Acute Skin and Skin Structure infection Study.
• Member of KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Organization.
• Invited as a speaker for symposium on ‘Management of Hameorrhoids: Have we moved on?’ at Nasik, Maharashtra in 2013 where he spoke on ‘Recent Advances in Treatment modalities – how do they stand on evidence’
• Invited as a speaker at Indian Society of Colo- Proctology and Surgeons Society, Jaipur in 2013 where he spoke in detail on the ‘STARR Procedure – technique & complications’
Other Details

• Founder of Healing Hands Clinic, a Healthcare facility centre for Piles, Prolapse, Constipation, Fistula, Hernia & Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases.
• Team comprises of 3 Colorectal Surgeons, dedicated Nutritionists for High Fibre diet & Lifestyle diseases & trained Physiotherapist for Pelvic floor exercises
• After care team – 4 doctors & 2 Nutritionists to look after post operative patients.
• Specialized Pelvic Floor Clinic with facilities like Manometry, Pelvicography, Colonoscopy& Physiotherapy under one roof.
• Healing Hands Clinic, PUNE is the only ISO Certified Proctology Clinic with Defecography in India.
Consultancy Fees:500
Revisit Charges:200
Average Visitors Per Day:40
Emergency Number(s):8888288884

Mr. Sakharam Aher Aher
Mr. Sakharam Aher Aher - 02 Jan 2014
My family doctor has suggested me to consult Dr. Ashwin Porwal for constipation treatment. I had undergone Starr surgery for chronic constipation at healing hands clinic in pune. I wouls like to recommend Dr. Porwal to people for constipation treament. Thank You!!!
Mrs. Manjusha A
Mrs. Manjusha A - 04 Dec 2013
I was suffering from Constipation. I have taken treatment under consultation of Dr Ashwin Porwal. He is best Surgeon for Constipation treatment. He is good human being and i would like to Thank him for his support to me and my family during Surgery. STARR Surgery is best treatment for Constipation.
Mrs. Sudha udaas
Mrs. Sudha Udaas - 02 Dec 2013
It feels horrible when your mornings are bad due to defecation problem. I had suffered from hard stools since many years on & off. Due to this I used to have bleeding on defecation that made me psychologically disturbed months down the line. I had taken Ayurvedic, Allopathic & Homeopathic treatments but all in vain as the problem was suppressed for the time being but came up again in a few weeks. I was extremely frustrated. I read an article in a local leading newspaper about the painless Stapler Surgery & decided to give my ailment a last try. Visiting Healing Hands Clinic gave me a positive vibe. The extreme politeness & care shown by the team was very appreciating. I was diagnosed for Severe Anal Spasm with the beginning of Haemorrhoids. Dr Porwal advised me medicines for a month & then as per recovery the next treatment would be decided. But I had lost my patience & decided to get operated at the earliest to relieve my pain. Discharge within 24 hours & painless surgery details made me relaxed. Today its more than a year that I am operated & I am completely cured from my problem all thanks to Healing Hands Clinic & Dr Ashwin Porwal.

Wednesday, 27th November 2013
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Wednesday, 27th November 2013
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Wednesday, 27th November 2013
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