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I would like to introduce you about our great endeavor– for true Human Development, through an excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development –world -wide.

We think development of humankind or a nation is possible only through the development of individuals, also we think, customary or formal academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (non-formal) basic human development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.

True & universal self-development isn’t possible without universal soundness. For that, the ‘Universal Treatment’ is an important part of the universal self-development ( &

To make a better world –to make our life blessed –to fulfill oneself, to remove the inhuman activities from our society, we have an excellent – incomparable system of essential education for true & universal development.

We are desirous to establish the way of universal development of human beings –worldwide, and also we are desirous to establish a true and universal Human Development education center of international standard.

We need like-minded persons to form an organization for true Human Development. If you are interested in this program, please extend your helping hands to make it possible. Thank you.

To know more, please visit— & & &

Also search= MahaDharma, MahaManan, MahaManas, MahaVad.
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Complete Detoxifying Solution! You will feel an auspicious change within one month !
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Flush Out Your Everyday Toxin and Lead a Happy Life!
Behind Most Illness, There is Toxin (Different type of poisons) in Your Body. You are trying to recover from illness, but become unsuccessful to recover your health completely, because of TOXIN.

Now we are dwelling in poisonous world. There, poison is everywhere.
Therefore, to get and enjoy a peaceful –happy life, side by side of proper medical treatment, you must do flush out your everyday toxin. This is today’s way of better living!

Detoxify your body and mind in natural way by the help of herbal and Homeo with Yoga procedures. An excellent result of long research!

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The fearful days are coming!
The fearful days are coming!
Slowly the world is filling with ill –morbid –perverted –deformed mental patients. Still has time to be careful.
Come to the way of ‘MahaDharma’ (–the way of Human Development) and save Human Kind.

Ignorance and illness –abnormal or perverted mentality is the cause of all inhuman –destructive –cruel activities. Always there is being happened innumerable brutal and criminal events –oppression –rape –torture –murder –deception etc all pervading the world.

Except destiny, the ignorant or destitute of enough consciousness and ill mind is responsible for those unexpected occurrence.

To know about the way, please go through Google search= MahaManan / MahaDharma / MahaVad

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MahaPathy: Introduction
We know the extraordinary curing power of Homeopathic medicine. But whatsoever problem is all– regarding the use of this medicine. Selection of accurate medicine from thousands of medicines –many a times, it is not possible. Moreover, in the present day– most of human being’s constitution is so much morbid, –has reached to such complicated level, that many times complete cure (recovery) is not possible by one or two medicines. It is also problem in use of more medicines. In many cases, hopeful result is not gotten, by even application of correct medicine –following the symptoms and also causation.

Man is not ready, to accept defeat– give up, so s/he is engrossed in continuous meditation, in search of accurate path. An excellent result of such meditation is– ‘MahaPathy’. MahaPathy is not ‘Maha’ (great) in only from ‘MahaManas’ namely form, its greatness is in its extraordinary efficacy– its philosophy and science.

Homeopathic medicine is a great mystery –great surprise, to us. We are using homeopathic medicine for a long time, but before this, we did not know –actually what is Homeopathic medicine, in what way it works in our body. With grace of MahaManas, that mystery of the Homeopathic medicine has been unveiled in this book. Let’s say along with that, noticing the beautiful recovery (cure) power of MahaPathy, we some of the student of MahaManas –are trying collecting every patient’s main symptoms of the disease, along with that , their constitutional symptom, and collecting their medicines, classifying them in some categories. So that in future, in case of similar types of patients of those categories –with help of previously prepared medicines of those categories patients, treatment is possible with less expense. We have named this treatment procedure– ‘MPathy’. This is a short form of ‘MahaPathy’. Again, the empathy –the case of similar feeling is also in it.

Google search= MahaPathy

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Beware of Poisons
Now that which we are eating, water which we are drinking, air we are breathing in, all are more or less poisoned. Every day in this way we are become poisonous. Now it is difficult to understand that who is ill and who is healthy. Doctors those who are treating us, also they are not free from poison. Knowingly or unknowingly– day after day gradually we are becoming attacked by severe diseases due to poison. Treatments are becoming impracticable.

So many poisons are there to destroy mankind. Besides deadly insecticides and bacterial poisons (toxins), many more poisons are active to make us poisonous. Influence of many electromagnetic fields and radiations are able to effect poisoning. Daily used utensils, especially cooking utensils are cause of slow poisoning (metal poisoning). Poisoning is being occurred regularly by different kind of chemicals. Food those are genetically modified, create a fatal action of poisoning in our body.

Above all, the mental pollution and mental poisons are making our life more bitter and unbearable. Are you informed about internal secretion of poisons? It occurs due to mental pain, excitement and mental pollution. Except this, intemperance– irregularity is other causes of it.

If there will not happen any sudden accident, the poison will be the cause of destruction of mankind.

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