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Dr. Riaz Ahmed Syed's Profile
Special Message:
- Competent and well trained neurologist with 2 European certifications and Fellowship: Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK as well Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

- Comfortable with all aspects of neurology, including Epilepsy management In Paediatrics and neurophysiology (electroencephalography and electromyography).

- Excellent communication skills and multilingual competencies (English, Hindi and Arabic).

- Demonstrated ability to teach, mentor, and lead.

- Has more than 40 publications in Peer viewed Neurology Journals

- Editorial board member in 3 International Neurology Journals.

- Member of International Child Neurology Association, Asian Oceanean Child Neurology Association, Indian Neurological Society, Infantile |Seizure Society & American Academy of Neurology.

- Aspiring to hold higher positions of responsibility and tackle new challenges
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Dr. Riaz Ahmed Syed
Male, 66 Years from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Practice Details:
Consultant Paediatric Neurologist and Paediatric Epileptologist
Years of Practice:30
Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Zip Code:600034
Birth Place:chennai
Year of Birth:1955
Age:66 Years
Marital Status:Married
Languages Known:
English (UK), Arabic, Hindi
Hobbies & Interests:
gym, surfing, movies
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 MBBS, MD, DM(Neuro), DCH, FRCPCH (UK) FRCP (Ireland), Madras Medical college, Madras University, 1977-1986
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Riaz doctor clinic
17 Shenoy Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Days Available:
call before you come
morning hours
Contact Number(s):
Affiliations With Associations
international child neurology association
american academy of neurology
Indian neurological society
Asian oceanean child neurology association
infantile seizure society
European neurological society
Affiliations With Hospitals
free lancer
Facilities Available
consultation and accessory services
Clinical Interests
epilepsy, developmental delay, myopathies, behavior disorders
Achievements & Awards
has about 40 publication in peer reviewed journals;
1. Riaz Ahmed, Kumararaguru, Soundarajan, Viswanathan “Acute Bacterial Meningitis” - The Antiseptic- march 1980; vol 77 (3) 137-143 .

2. Riaz Ahamed, Gothandapani,Subbaiah, Soundarajan, Viswanathan “Dextrocardia with S. Inversus & postr posed aorta”-The Antiseptic- Nov 1980;vol 77(11) 1-4

3. Bappal B, Raghupathy P, Nair T, Riaz A, Desilva V, Bhuyan B, khusaiby “External Hydrocephalus in hypomagnesemia- a case report”- Achieves of Dis. Children” 1999; 81: 505-507.

4. Rajab A, Al khusaiby SM, Riaz A, Dacosta DE “ A new holoprocencepahlic syndrome with major cerebro- oro - facial malformation” Am Jl Genetics 1999; 65: 4. 1915A

5. Rajab A, Fox J, Riaz A, Paul G, Khusaiby S, Chaemers R, Patton MR “Further delineation of Door Syndrome - case study- Clinical Dysmorphology,
2000; 9: (4) 247-251.

6. Riaz Ahmed S, Khusaiby S “Postpump Chorea – report of 5 cases and review of literature” Indian Journal of Practical Paediatrics 2002; 4 (178): 96-98

7. Rajab A, Mochida GH, Hill A, Ganesh V, Bodell MS, A.Riaz , Grant PE, Shugart YY, Walsh CA “A novel form of ponto cerebellar hypolasia maps to chromosome 7q 11-21” Neurology 2003; 60 (10): 1664-7.

8. Thomas V, Riaz Ahmed, Jayaram D, Khusaiby S D “Penicillamine induced myasthenia gravis”-a case report- Neurosciences 2002; (7) 8 : 293-95.

9. Roshan K, Alex C, Riaz Ahmed, Thomas V, Hashim H, Zakia – “10 yr prospective study of IVIG in Guillian Barre’ syndrome in Oman” – Jl of Child Neurology 2003; (18) 10:767-771

10. Riaz A, Dhanaraj D, Jaganathan K “Pontine Hge in ITP - a case report; Neurology India - Dec ’85. (indexed only from 1992)

11. Riaz Ahmed - Sensory seizures as ADEM presentation – a case report – Egyptian Jl Paed Neuroscience - sept 2005 issue.

12. Riaz Ahmed S, Thomas Varghese .An unusual presentation of absence seizure – a case report- Jl Paed Neurology – Vol 4;number 1, 2006.

13. A Rajab, SY Yoo, A Abdulgalil, S Katheri, R Ahmed, GH Mochida, A Bodell, J Barkovich . An autosomal recessive form of cerebral palsy with microcepahly & mental retardation – case report- American Jl of med genetics 2006 Part A; 1504-1510.

14. Riaz Ahmed. A comparative study of Vigabatrin vs ACTH in Infantlie spsms– Pak Jl of Med Science-2007-vol 23 No: 1

15. Riaz Ahmed. Colloid Cyst of third ventricle- an underestimated risk of death- case report - International Jl of Paed Neuropsychiatry, 2006; 3(2): 183-185

16. Riaz Ahmed. Transient Mutism in Cerbellar ataxia-
Egyptian Jl of Paediatric Neuro science . sep 2007

17. Riaz Ahmed. Low dose Buccal Midazolam in aborting childhood seizures – a clinical trial- Jl of Paediatric Neurology- Oct ’07 (vol .5 No.2)

18. Riaz Ahmed. Disseminated Aspergillosis causing spinal cord compression- a case study- Neurology India- Oct ‘07 (vol55)3:2883.

19. Riaz Ahmed. Brain-stem ADEM in congenital agammaglobulinaemia- a case report- Indian Jl of practical paediatrics – published Oct 2008 issue

20. Riaz A, Khusaiby S “Agenesis Corpus Callosum with myoclonic seizures”- case report- Oman Med Jl Nov 1996; vol 13 (2): 38-39.

21. Riaz Ahmed “Ataxia in children –a review article” Oman Med Jl Feb 1998; vol 14 (3): 34-35.
22. Riaz Ahmed, “Unilateral Megalencephaly & seizures - case report” - Oman Med Jl Nov 1999; vol 16 (2): 53-54.

23. Riaz Ahmed, “Valpoarate in Migraine in children from Oman”- Oman Med. Jl-May 2000; vol 16(4): 32-33.

24. Riaz Ahmed “Paroxysmal nocturnal events- Seizures or sleep terror?”-case report- Oman Med Jl – Feb 2000; vol 16 (3) 35-36.

25. Riaz A, Lekha H, Jayaram D, Khusaiby S- “Reversible central pontine myelinolysis in nephrotic syndrome”- a case report – Oman Med Jl- Feb 2002; vol 18 (3) 59-60.
26. Riaz Ahmed – “Role of EEG in Paediatric Epilepsy”-a review article- Oman Med Jl May 2002; vol 18 (4) 26-29.
27. Epilepsy and education – booklet published for school children in Oman
28. Riaz Ahmed-Lumbar puncture in febrile fits- to do or not?- Oman Medical Jl. Jan/Apr 2005; vol 20 (12) 18-19.
29. Riaz Ahmed- Seizures in children-an overview –leading article –Oman Med Jl Apr.06
30.Riaz Ahmed- Congenital central hypoventilation with renal tubular acidosis-case report Oman Med Jl April 2006

31. Riaz Ahmed- Bilateral Perisylvian syndrome- a study of 11 patients from Oman. Oman Med Jl April 2007

32. Riaz Ahmed- Rett Syndrome – study of 5 cases and review of literature- Oman Med jl; July 2008
33.Riaz Ahmed- Retrospective study of CSF in suspected meningitis – 2004 – presented in International infectious Dis. Conference in Muscat, Dec 2006- published in Oman Med Jl Nov ’07 issue
34. Riaz Ahmed & Faraz Ahmed- CNS Aspergellosis in a child. Oman Med Jl 2010, July (25) 3: 238-239.

35. Riaz Ahmed. Dyke Davidoff Mason syndrome –correspondence- comment on this paper- Neurosciences 2009, Vol. 14 (3): 307-307

36. Riaz Ahmed. Hot water epilepsy – A rare form of reflex epilepsy. Jl of Neurosci in rural pract, 2010, Jul-Dec; 1 (2): 99-101.

37.Riaz Ahmed- Ictal syncope – Neurologist’s perspective-a case report- Jl of paed neuroscience- Jul 2011,vol 6;issue 2: 127-129.

38. Riaz Ahmed- Wernick- like encephalopathy in a child- A reversible cause. Jl of Ped Neuro Scien 2012, vol 7; issue 2 : 146-48.

39. Riaz Ahmed- Acute PCB variant of Guillain Barre syndrome, masquerading brainstem stroke in a child. Jl of Ped Neuro, 2012; vol 10,(4)

40. Riaz Ahmed- Hypomyelinating leuko-encephalopathy in a child- a case report. published in Feb 2013 issue of SQU med Jl.vol 13; pp 192-93.

41. Multi drug resistant Acinetobacter baumanni infection in post traumatic hydrocephalus – A case report – submitted to American Jl of infectious diseases 2013

42. Vander-Knapp syndrome – a case report – submitted to On call Paediatrics- 2013.

43. Riaz Ahmed S- Multidrug resistant Acenetobacter banumannii infection in post traumatic hydrocephalus. A case report. Merit Research Jl of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2013, Vol. 1 (2)pp 014-017.
Other Details
proficient in EEG EMG
Consultancy Fees:1000 INR
Revisit Charges:700 INR
Average Visitors Per Day:10

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