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Dr. Riaz Ahmed Syed's Profile
Special Message:
- Competent and well trained neurologist with 2 European certifications and Fellowship: Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK as well Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

- Comfortable with all aspects of neurology, including Epilepsy management In Paediatrics and neurophysiology (electroencephalography and electromyography).

- Excellent communication skills and multilingual competencies (English, Hindi and Arabic).

- Demonstrated ability to teach, mentor, and lead.

- Has more than 40 publications in Peer viewed Neurology Journals

- Editorial board member in 3 International Neurology Journals.

- Member of International Child Neurology Association, Asian Oceanean Child Neurology Association, Indian Neurological Society, Infantile |Seizure Society & American Academy of Neurology.

- Aspiring to hold higher positions of responsibility and tackle new challenges
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