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Dr. S. K Kashyap's Profile
Dr. S. K Kashyap
Male, 40 Years from New Delhi, Delhi, India
Practice Details:
Skin care specialist. Hair Loss Specialist.
Years of Practice:10
Location:New Delhi, Delhi, India
Zip Code:110075
Year of Birth:1980
Age:40 Years
Marital Status:Married
Languages Known:
English (US), Hindi
Hobbies & Interests:
Research in Dermatology.
Website URL:

Qualification & Degree
1 MBBS, M.L.B. Medical College, Jhansi
2 M.D, B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
Kashyap Skin Clinic
Clinic 1
145,Vardhmaan Dee Cee plaza
Near Ashirwaad Chowk Adjacent to Shubham Valley Resturant
Plot no.7 ,Sector 11 Dwarka New Delhi -110075
Mobile No. +91-9718551800, 9582916169
Email ID.

Clinic – 2
RZ 625/1C, Main Road, Indra
Other Details
Consultancy Fees:400
Average Visitors Per Day:50

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