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Summary: Dark circles can be take good care of by opting for PRP therapy that is meant to reduce under-eye circles.

Having dark circles around the eyes is a common apprehension we hear from lots of patients these days. Having dark circles under eyes can often add ages to your face, leaving you having the exhausted look, looking  strained and sick. Primarily, dark eyes circles can arise be because of stress, your lifestyle or just inadequate sleep.  These can be explained as a medical concern which is can be triggered by blood from your capillaries leaving deposits beneath the under eye region often occasioning in looking like a bruise. Dark circles can also be triggered by over manufacturing of abnormal melanin which leaves undesirable pigmentation in this delicate region of the eyes. Apart from these, there are numerous other causes for these dark circles such as shadow influence from eye bags or hollow vascular congestion i.e. the skin on the eyelids is the skinniest in the body and lethargic blood flow in the region will show as a dark coloration.

PRP therapy

The treatment of this problem lies in addressing the causes. Eye bag operation and fillers can form a part the all-inclusive treatment. However, in addressing the problems of pigmentation and vascular congestion, worthy results have been obtained via Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy in Delhi. PRP is collected from the patient's own blood. This excellent concentrated portion of plasma is opulent in growth factors and cytokines with reformative properties. PRP has been in used in other divisions of medicine like orthopedics for over and above 30 years owing to its rejuvenating and regenerative properties. PRP treatment in Delhi for dark circles is a simple office process in which a sample of the patient's blood is taken and centrifuged to separate out the PRP. It is then injected around each eye carefully.


You can see the welfares of the treatment from the second week, although repeat treatments are required for finest outcomes. A package of 6 treatments at 1 monthly interval will give you outstanding outcomes. Results are steady and the skin will carry on improving as the course of revitalization can continue for up to a year after the treatment.

Safety and results

The treatment is quite safe and effective as there is no hazard of any allergy or reaction to the constituents being inoculated. The skin is being reinvigorated to renovate itself, so you will simply have better, firmer skin, but there is no probability of looking unnatural. It is predominantly advantageous for the eye region, aiding commendably to improve dark circles and eye bags. It is also a remarkable option for fine lines and crinkles and gives the complexion a general youthful radiance and enriched appearance.

If you wish to shoo away those nasty under-eye dark circles with the aid of fruitful PRP treatment in Delhi, you can head towards Kashyap Skin Clinic. Dr. S. K Kashyap offers world class skin care treatments here.


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