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Dr. Uday Thanawala's Profile
Dr. Uday Thanawala
Male, from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Practice Details:
Obstetrician and Gynecologist(MBBS, MD, DGO, FCPS, DNB)
Years of experience : 30 years in Private Practice
Years of Practice:30+
Location:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zip Code:400703
Website URL:

Affiliations With Associations
Vice Chairman Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ICOG) 2018
Vice President Federation Of Obstetrics & Gynecological Societies of India ( FOGSI) -2015
Treasurer PCOS Society Of India
Chairperson Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Committee of FOGSI ( 2006- 2008)
Joint Secretary FOGSI ( 2005)
Founder Secretary and Past President of Navi Mumbai OBGY Soc.
Achievements & Awards
Sir G.M. Masani Prizes for Best Research Paper at Wadia Hospital, consecutively in 1981 &1982
Gold Medal for F.C.P.S. Exam
Dr DK Dutta Award for best Journal Publication in FOGSI for the Year 2005
Publications – Co Author – Indian Guidelines on Diabetes In Pregnancy (2015)
Gestational diabetes mellitus–Indian guidelines.V Seshiah, B K Sahay, A K Das, Uday Thanawala J Indian Med A… 107:799 (2009) PMID 20469784
Been editor and contributed to many books
Faculty for Speciality courses on GDM and Casearean section workshops held pan India in 2013 – 2014
Other Details
Consultancy Fees:1200
Emergency Number(s):9920143277

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