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Fibroids are benign tumors that get formed on the muscular wall of the female internal reproductive organ. the standard symptoms are excessive menstrual bleeding and pain. They interfere with the ability of a lady to conceive.

The fibroids are classified into four types based on their location:

· internal fibroids establish on the female internal reproductive organ wall. they're the foremost ordinarily found fibroids.

·         Submucosal fibroids develop within the endometrium (the female internal reproductive organ lining). They cause excessive amount of pain and trauma.

·         Subserosal fibroids develop on the outside wall of the female internal reproductive organ. they give the impression of being like long stocks.

Myomectomy is that the surgery performed to get rid of fibroids.

According to Dr. Uday Thanawala Best Laparoscopic Myomectomy Specialist in Vashi, Navi urban center, Myomectomy becomes inevitable once the fibroids get infected or degenerated.

There is a big risk in such cases, and surgical intervention becomes necessary.

Diagnostic tests

Before playing Myomectomy, doctors perform many diagnostic tests to assemble enough information regarding it.

·         Ultrasound- scan to pinpoint the situation and size of fibroids.

·         Blood tests- to visualize the Hb level within the body.

· excreta test- to visualize if there's any excreta infection.

· medical specialist checks the practicableness of operational beneath anaesthesia. Else, spinal or regional anesthesia is planned.

Before the surgery, the patient is given associate degree irrigation to clear the bow,l and a few pre-medication injections are given to prevent internal secretions. they create the patient drowsy conjointly.

The Myomectomy procedure

Myomectomy is obtainable altogether leading hospitals. the kind of Myomectomy depends on the kind of fibroids, number, and site.

Abdominal myomectomy

In this procedure, doctors access the female internal reproductive organ via one giant incision through the abdomen. it's a horizontal cut on the bathing suit line.

Sometimes, the incision is created vertically within the middle of the abdomen.

The female internal reproductive organ is cut employing a optical maser and fibroids are removed. optical maser closes off blood vessels and stops trauma straight off.

The uterus, abdominal wall and therefore the higher skin square measure closed with the assistance of sutures.

Abdominal myomectomy is kind of usefulwhen the fibroids are deeply frozen. Also, it the procedure takes quite an very long time to perform.

Laparoscopic myomectomy

Fibroids Removal Surgery Specialist in Navi mumbai like hole or laparoscopic myomectomy wherever tiny incisions are created.

Specialized instruments are inserted that contain small fiber-optic camera head and surgical head.

After removing fibroids, surgeons sew tiny wounds and shut the gap with the assistance of sutures.

The recovery is incredibly quick as a result of it's a minimally invasive surgery.

Hysteroscopic myomectomy

In this technique, no abdominal incisions are created as a result of the fibroids square measure removed through the expanded cervix.

The instrument is named Hysteroscope that is inserted through the cervix. once electricity passes through the loop, the fibroids break free.The fibroids are removed through the duct.


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