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Dr. Major. Prasun Mishra's Profile
Dr. Major. Prasun Mishra
Male, 45 Years from Pune, Maharashtra, India
Practice Details:
ENT Surgeon, Specialised in Voice and laryngeal surgeries. Endoscopic sinus surgery,Micro ear surgery, Audiology & Hearing AId centre
Years of Practice:7
Location:Pune, Maharashtra, India
Zip Code:411040
Year of Birth:1978
Age:45 Years

Qualification & Degree
1 MS -ENT ( AFMC)- Gold medal, DNB, AFMC, Pune, MUHS, 2006
Contact Details
Clinic Name:
anvi ENT & Thyroid Clinic
First floor, GS Tower, Above Sadhna Sahkari Bank, Opp market yard Bus depot, Market yard Pune
Days Available:
6 Pm - 9 Pm
Affiliations With Associations
Association of otolaryngologists of India and Pune
Laryngology & Voice Association
Affiliations With Hospitals
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune
Inaamdar hospital Pune,
Bhartividyapeeth Hospital Pune
Pune Adventist Hospital, Pune
Facilities Available
Endoscopy of nose, ear, throat,
Audiology & Hearing Aid set up
Clinical Interests
special interest in treatmetn of Voice disorders,
Nose & Sinus surgery, Micro ear surgery
Achievements & Awards
Gold medal in MS ENT exam from AFMC, Pune
5 years of service in ARMY medical Corps
Best ENT consultant paper in Pune in 2010
Other Details
Call up for appointment
Consultancy Fees:250
Revisit Charges:150
Average Visitors Per Day:8-10
Emergency Number(s):9881676449

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