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Fracture Nasal Bone
(Patient information sheeth)
Fracture Nasal Bone
The disease: This is a common condition where the bone on your nose gets fractured and leads to either disfigurement and /or nasal obstruction
Diagnosis : This is done based on examination of patient. A Xray is donít just to confirm the diagnosis. However clinical examination of patient remains the main stay for diagnosis
Treatment : The reduction of fracture is done either immediately within 4 hrs of injury or we wait for 3-4 days for the swelling over the nose to reduce.
Surgery : This is a procedure that causes some pain to patient so it is preferred to be done under full (general)Anesthesia
This entire procedure takes around 30 min.
Before surgery : Patient has to remain empty stomach for 8 Hrs. No food and water to be consumed 8 hrs before surgery.
Post surgery :
Patient has a nasal pack in his nose and he has to breathe from mouth. This pack is kept for 24-48 hrs, depending on the type of injury and amount of blood loss
You will be kept hospitalized for 1-2 days. This might be different for each patient.
A plaster of paris ( POP) cast would be kept on the nose to support and stabilize the reduced fracture. This has to be kept for 7-10 days. After that POP has to be kept only while sleep.
There is no specific dietary restriction after the surgery.
Patient can carry on with his routine day to day hectic. He has to avoid any such condition that can lead to injury to nose. Even minor injury to nose has to be avoided
Complications of Surgery: This is generally a safe surgery. However general complication of allergy to any drugs and reaction to anesthesia drugs might happen. These are very rare now a days.
As for surgery there are no major complication. However in ALL the patients after the surgery there will be some swelling on the face and around the eyes and this goes away in 2-3 days.
This is for your information and if any further clarifications needed contact your doctor
Dr (major) Prasun Mishra

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