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Tonsillectomy- Patient information sheet
(Patient information sheet)

Why is this surgery done?
The indication for this surgery has reduced a lot in recent times and the common indication that remains now a days is
• Recurrent tonsillitis ( more than 3-4 /year)
• Tonsil enlargement causing sleep disturbance ( snoring , mouth breathing)

How is this surgery performed:
This is performed from inside the mouth and there is no external scar

How long does the surgery last:
Varies for each patient but ranges from 30 min to 90 min

Does this require overnight stay in hospital :
Many centers include this in day care but I feel at least one day admission is a must to keep a check on any minor bleeding.

What are the complications? :
Tonsillectomy is generally a safe surgery. Few children have some amount of bleeding occasionally. But that can be controlled. This surgery is done under general anesthesia so there is a minimal risk of anesthetic complication that is associated with any other surgery.

What do we expect after surgery :
The child has lot of pain for which pain relief medicines are prescribed. Still child will have some difficulty in swallowing food. So he is kept on fluids and icecreams. This lasts for 2-4 days

What is adenoid?
Adenoid is a tonsil like lymphoid part present behind the nose. In children who have enlarged adenoids these have to be removed during the tonsil surgery and is called as adeno tonsillectomy

How do I know if my child has adenoid ?
Constant mouth breathing, snoring are common symptoms. Rarely child may develop reduced hearing.

What precautions to be taken for food after surgery :
For 5 days child will need soft food and icereams and plenty of water. Nothing HOT should be given.
After pain subsides he can be given all food except spicy and very hot food for 15 days. After 15 days all regular food can be given.

Will my child never have throat pain after surgery :
This is myth even after removal of tonsil child can have throat pain due to other reasons but the repeated attacks of tonsillitis will definitely not happen.

Will the height /weight of my child increase or decrease after surgery : Tonsillectomy has no relation in increase or decrease of height/weight . However after removal of a chronic source of infection from body definitely the general well being of child improves.

For any other queries please feel free to contact me
Dr ( major) Prasun Mishra
+91 9881676449

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